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Chery news

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go to my blog to see some pictures -----
"the celebration of chery's 500,000th car born"

Pictures are posted below also
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I think Chery is tapping into a strong desire on the part of many Chinese people to see a homegrown independent Chinese branded car become a leader.

I talk to Chinese people on the Chinese board regularly, and this is a common feeling expressed. There is a lot of pride associated with being able to support a Chinese car, especially as Chery's quality has been rapidly increasing in the past couple years.
great06 said:
I really want Chery and Geely to succeed

And Zhonghua and Redflag too
I don't understand why Hongqi doesn't develop more? It has a lot of resources and is one of the oldest car companies in China, if it had the ambition, it could become a world class car company. But it seems like their managers lack ambition or drive to really develop their brand. What a waste. Hongqi could be China's most prestigious brand if they really developed.
This is why it is imperative that Chinese carmakers work hard to establish themselves firmly as leaders in their domestic market first before venturing ambitiously towards other countries.

China's auto market is destined to be the world's largest. The leaders of this market will be the leaders of the global auto industry. Chinese domestic carmakers know this. That's why many, such as SAIC, are focused on establishing dominance in the domestic market first before focusing on exports.
1 - 4 of 234 Posts