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go to my blog to see some pictures -----
"the celebration of chery's 500,000th car born"

Pictures are posted below also
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Chery only started selling cars in 2001. They sold 190000 cars last year. This year going to sell at least 350,000 cars this year. they'll get 1 million cars by the middle of next year.
how many cars did Chery sell in march

Chery was 3rd in sales in feburaury they sold about 22,000 cars. How many did they sell in march?
I guess those people who buy Chery are nationalistic Chinese but Chery is also selling well in middle east and some other countries.
10 years ago I would only see 1 or 2 chinese cars a month. Almost all the cars were Japanese the others were volkswagen/audi and some Mercedes Benz, Rolls royce, Bentley. Now Chinese brand cars are as many as Japanese, they will be more Chinese brand cars than Japanese brand in 2006.

But say the car called Changan Suziki Alto. It saids Changan on the front and Suziki on the back. Is that car considered Chinese brand or Japanese brand.
Chery sales by province

Chery sold most cars in guangdong province. 2nd was Sichuan 3rd Shandong province. Guangdong was number 1 in Chery sales but I their are a lot of imported cars there too like Bentley, rolls royce, Merc Benz S Class Lexus LS. I lost count of how many S Class and Bentleys I saw in guangdong last time I was there.
Guangdong only has 70 million people , Sichuan is the only province with over 100 million people.
How many cars did Chery sell in May

over or under 35,000?
I read a website that said Chery sold 102,000 cars in China in the first 4 months on this year. 47,000 QQ's and 38000 flagclouds. other cars sold were A5, eastar, and tiggo. Chery exported 12,000 cars in the same period. Chery is on target for 400,000 cars sold this year.
400,000 is just for 2006. for 07 could be 650,000 and 08 over a million.
Syria is biggest export market for Chinese cars. I think Syria imports over 15,000 Chinese cars a year.
Will Chery have 100% sales growth in 2006

in 2005 Chery sold 189,000 cars, up 118% from the year before. Chery will need to sell 378,000 cars this year to have 100% growth again.
Screw them, this shouldn't have any affect on Chery, Chery can always hire new engineers to replace them.
Chery sales hit new record in April

this is old news but havn't found any new news yet

[May 01, 2006]

Chery's Vehicle Sales Hit a New Record in April

(SinoCast China Business Daily News Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge)BEIJING, May 02, SinoCast -- It is reported from Chery that by April 29, Chery's sales in April had gone beyond 30,000 units, hitting a new record compared with its sales in March, and for the first time the Chinese independent brand goes beyond the monthly sales of 30,000 units.

Of the sales, Chery QQ has reached about 13,000 units, getting clear to the highest record; Qiyun arrived at 11,000 units, creating a new record; Easter reached the top over the past two years with about 2200 units; Tiggo increased greatly compared with the former month, getting closer to sales of such SUV as Honda C-RV and Hyundai Tucson; and the newly listed Chery A5 is expected to become next growth pole of Chery's rising sales.

Although April has not come to the end, and the figures may vary, Chery's incomparable sales has become a finality, for Chery's sales in April has gone beyond 30,000 and its products of all models are gaining momentum. Chery's victory in April 2006 indicates that the domestic vehicle brands in China again hit a new record.
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Chery exports are going to increase by 300% this year. Last year they exported 17000 cars, this year it's going to be close to 50,000. They should be in every ASEAN country next should be Thailand and phillipines.
Chery sold 305,236 cars in 2006

305000 cars in China + 34000 chery cars exported

total should be 340,000
This is what I got from the article, Chery is number 4 in sales for April, they were at the top of the list number 1 in March, why did they drop so far?

1 上海通用 42497 (Shanghai GM)

  2 上海大众 40788 (Shanghai VW)

  3 一汽大众 40485 (FAW VW)

  4 奇瑞汽车 31989 (Chery)

  5 东风日产 27559 (dongfng Nissan)

  6 广州本田 24529 (GZ Honda)

  7 长安福特 20088 (Changan Ford)

  8 一汽丰田 19377 (FAW toyota)

  9 神龙汽车 18619

  10 一汽夏利 17900 ( FAW xiali)
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Chery's 1,000,000th Car

Chery's 1,000,000th car is on the production line and going to be rolled out.
about a year ago they rolled out their 500,000th car, and in a little over a year they at 1 million. this website dedicated to the 1 millionth Chery.
chery exported 120,000 cars last year

does that mean they sold 260,000 cars in China + 120,000 exports =380,000

or did they sell 380,000 cars in China and export 120,000 cars which would mean they sold 500,000 cars worldwide.
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