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go to my blog to see some pictures -----
"the celebration of chery's 500,000th car born"

Pictures are posted below also
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Chery sales hit new record in April

this is old news but havn't found any new news yet

[May 01, 2006]

Chery's Vehicle Sales Hit a New Record in April

(SinoCast China Business Daily News Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge)BEIJING, May 02, SinoCast -- It is reported from Chery that by April 29, Chery's sales in April had gone beyond 30,000 units, hitting a new record compared with its sales in March, and for the first time the Chinese independent brand goes beyond the monthly sales of 30,000 units.

Of the sales, Chery QQ has reached about 13,000 units, getting clear to the highest record; Qiyun arrived at 11,000 units, creating a new record; Easter reached the top over the past two years with about 2200 units; Tiggo increased greatly compared with the former month, getting closer to sales of such SUV as Honda C-RV and Hyundai Tucson; and the newly listed Chery A5 is expected to become next growth pole of Chery's rising sales.

Although April has not come to the end, and the figures may vary, Chery's incomparable sales has become a finality, for Chery's sales in April has gone beyond 30,000 and its products of all models are gaining momentum. Chery's victory in April 2006 indicates that the domestic vehicle brands in China again hit a new record.
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This is one ugly automobile. Tops Pontiac Aztec as the ugliest automobile ever.
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Its only a concept mockup and the angle is not very revealing or flattering. It will look better once we get the final product.
they picked the WORSE place to stick thier CHERY LOGO on and the front griill looks horrible ( i know its not real , I am talkin about the design itself )
I'll buy Chery as soon it lands in North America.

I hate crappy american cars, stubborn european cars, KIMCHI-face koreans and FUBR Japanese. I'll only buy Chery and other Chinese brands once they get here in 07 or 08.
great06 said:
I really want Chery and Geely to succeed

And Zhonghua and Redflag too
I don't understand why Hongqi doesn't develop more? It has a lot of resources and is one of the oldest car companies in China, if it had the ambition, it could become a world class car company. But it seems like their managers lack ambition or drive to really develop their brand. What a waste. Hongqi could be China's most prestigious brand if they really developed.
i think they want to be more like rolls royce, where the cars are rare, expensive and only for super VIP people.
Chery to Enter Commercial Vehicle Sector in China

Chery Automobile, China's rising independent carmaker, is preparing for a foray into the commercial vehicles sector to speed up its expansion, according to sources familiar with the company.

The carmaker in Wuhu, a city in East China's Anhui Province, has formed a commercial vehicles unit based on a failed bus plant acquired from the nation's top vehicle producer First Automotive Works Corp (FAW) at the beginning of this year, sources said.

Chery plans to start production of its own-brand commercial vehicles in 2008, aiming for an annual output of 300,000 units by 2010, sources said.

It expects to reap 10 billion yuan (US$1.2 billion) in sales revenue from the commercial vehicles business annually in 2010, one-eighth of its overall turnover in the year.

According to Chery's website, it aims to boost overall sales to 1 million vehicles a year by the end of this decade from 189,000 units last year.
The company currently makes low-cost cars under its own badge.

It has also set up a commercial vehicles engineering institute to develop new products. Commercial vehicles include trucks and buses.
A Chery spokesman yesterday declined to confirm the commercial vehicles sector plan.

The bus plant, also located in Wuhu, was launched in 1993 by FAW and the local government with an investment of 470 million yuan (US$58.7 million). It has a manufacturing capacity of 2,000 buses and 30,000 chassis a year.
But the plant hit severe financial trouble in 2002 due to sluggish sales.
Zhao Shengli, an auto analyst with China Galaxy Securities Co Ltd, said it's a "natural move" for Chery to enter the commercial vehicles market as it needs a broader product spectrum to achieve its ambitious sales target.

"It therefore aspires to the commercial vehicles sector. China's commercial vehicles market will continue to grow in the coming years, but competition has been very fierce with lots of players," Zhao told China Daily.

He predicted demand for commercial vehicles in China would increase by 5 to 10 per cent annually in the years to 2010.
According to industry statistics, demand in the first half of this year stood at 1.02 million units, up 7.71 per cent from a year ago.
"As a major home-grown brand, Chery can gain strong backing from the government and banks," Zhao said.

The company appears to have a sound cash flow as many investment banks are persuading it to list on the stock market, he added.
Industry data showed that Chery's profits surged by three-fifths year-on-year to almost 112 million yuan (US$14 million) in the first half of this year on blistering sales growth.

The company sold 144,200 cars in the period, driving up its sales growth by 72 per cent. Brisk sales made it the No 6 Chinese vehicle group after FAW, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp, Dongfeng Motor Corp, Chang'an Motor Corp and Beijing Automotive Industry Corp.

While Chery is an independent company, its bigger competitors all assemble foreign-brand cars.
Chery expects to sell more than 300,000 vehicles this year.
Its current line-up contains micro cars, compact and mid-sized sedans, multi-purpose vehicles and compact sport-utility vehicles, which retail between 32,400 yuan (US$4,100) and 169,800 yuan (US$21,200).
The company is leading China's car exports.
From Janaury to June, it exported 13,548 cars, accounting for two-fifths of the nation's total car shipment overseas.

Source China Daily
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Chery rumored to have lost $90 million this year so far

An Editorial on Chery's $90 million loss and survival of Chinese brands
Chery denies a $90 million loss, admits zero profitability in car making but makes money off tax refund on exported vehicles
Of course, we will never find out how much Chery lost since Chery is not a publicly traded company. But they surely aren't making any money.

Chinese price == A company killer even in China.
Real_I_Hate_China said:
Chery denies a $90 million loss, admits zero profitability in car making but makes money off tax refund on exported vehicles
Actually this is a common pratice for a lot of chinese companies especially in their infant statage. A 17% tax rebate is a pretty good profit margin. In US and Europe it's an even more common pratice in areas like aro space/argraculture/steal, in the form of goverment subsisties. Without it, US farmers would be crashed by foreign competitions and Boeing would never be able to compete with AIRBUS. Chinese are playing the same game, in a different name.

Any market player must follow the rules of the market, and no one can sustaint a lose that high. If Chery is still around a year from now on that can only mean one thing, they are purposely lowering their profit to gain market share.

Odds are, they will make more cars in 07 than in 06.

Dont hate REAL_I_HATE_CHINA, he has a good point most of time. This is a discussion forum open for free speech.
hmmmm i think i have some broad memory, an image of some sort of hater saying 200M is not alot of money..hmmmmm or was that a dream??
Not a lot of money for global auto giants, a lot of money for you and me and Chery.
Real_I_Hate_China said:
Not a lot of money for global auto giants, a lot of money for you and me and Chery.
oh i see, now its alot of money for chery.

text deleted by martin_krpan
Chinese small car Chery QQ makes good start in Indonesia

Since its launch on the Indonesian market last month, Chinese small city car Chery QQ has booked sales of 200 units with more on the waiting list, the local distributor said Wednesday.
"We don't expect the demand will be quite big. We also have orders on the waiting list," said Gunadi Shinduwinata, president of the country's leading automotive distributor Indomobil Group.
Given the promising market, Indomobil plans to open 11 new outlets across Java and Bali islands, he said.
Manufactured by Chery Automobile Co. Ltd., the 800-cc car is priced at around 67 million rupiah (7,334 U.S. dollars), available in standard and luxury models.
The manufacturer claimed Cherry QQ has the best mileage in its class, with 25 km per liter of gasoline.
Indomobil has targeted sales of 1,000 units by the end of the year.
Source: Xinhua
Chery exports are going to increase by 300% this year. Last year they exported 17000 cars, this year it's going to be close to 50,000. They should be in every ASEAN country next should be Thailand and phillipines.
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