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Engine:Well AVL kinda got like 70-80 % of the stuff done, with stunning V6 and V8

cars- well there is suppost to be five models designed my italians but i think only 4 was around the web.
the M14




Safety and emmition:
Chery said TRW would help chery figure out the details on emmition abs and trying to get a five stare safety rating.

Producer: Well its not only china making chery's russia would soon expect to make 10 000 chery's per year

importing the cars: not sure about that

new name: looks like they are still working on it

Dealers: Concept is done, but dont see anyone building the buildings

Terriories: there are 250 of them and looks like over half of them are taken

Well i think chery is soon ready to revolutionize north america

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Those are the cars that are going to compete with Mercedes and BMW. Looking at the cars I would only consider buying the crossover or the M14, over the Volkswagen EOS and Passat Wagon, the Toyota Camry Solara convertible, and possibly even a Saab or Volvo. What happened to the Coupe, the sedan, and SUV Bricklin talked about?
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