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Well ,

After what experts say " smooth " sales of the chery qq in Egypt ,
Prices starts at $7300

and the absence of its older mother , the Daewoo Matiz
Chevorlet presented 2 new models in 2005
the 1.6 Chevrolet Optra ( Daewoo Nubira ) ( hatchback / sedane )
the 1.5 Chevrolet Aveo ( Daewoo Kalos ) ( hatchback / sedane )

Today at an Egyptian Automach Exibitihon ( small local annaul car gallery crap )

Chevorlet Introduced the new Chevrolet Spark ( Daewoo Matiz ) with its all new design ( diffrent than the old matiz )

While personaly , I like the looks of the new spark more than the outdated QQ . the QQ still looks more cheerful and young , but the Spark looks more profisionaly designed , inside and outside .

Anyways the new spark ( or at least new in egypt ) costs arround $10.500 of course still alot more expensive than the QQ , but I also think that it will make the QQ struggle from now on .

Since alot of QQ buyers can afford going to a $10 , just to afford a " RELIABLE" or " POPULAR" mark .

more newss...

at the same show ,
BMW Egypt , showed of the LOCALY ASSEMBLED Brilliance Galena 2.0L
it was the star of the gallery , being the cheapest 2.0L luxury car in the gallery and in Egypt .

priced at $27.500
the only 2.0L luxury cars in egypt are localy assembeled , since Egyptian Gov. forces 135% taxes on imported cars that has 2.0 or more L displacement .

other 2.0 cars in Egypt

BMW 320i - Starts at $60,000
BMW 520i - Starts at $80,000
Mercedes C200 - n/a ( but its more than $60 )
Merdeces E240 ( 2.4L ) - $90,000 or close

the galena should be a very good competitor , since its price is equal or less than a 1.6 Toyota Corrolla , yet it looks and behaves more like a BMW . while the corrolla is a ECONOMY family sedane , not a luxurious one .

more news ...

BYD finaly launched a PROPER car :D

BYD F3 , 1.6L price unknown yet but should be in the same price of a A11
1.6L engine - abs/airbags/full options / alloy wheels

the only other byd model here , is the Flyer ,costs arround $6000 le , but its not very noticable .

good luck :D

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at Fighting torque ,

Its like M_a_gamal said , the Grandeur

I rode in the car , well it has alot more potential that most cherries and geelys of course , but honestly , the fit and finish are still to be worked on , however from the outside fit . finish quality is equal to japaneese cars.

yes Gamal , its arround $13000 , the F3 looks like a Toyota Corrolla / Honda City in the same car , I liked it to be honest , but I dont trust that BYD company . dunno why . its not as popular as geely or chery .

byd f3s BACK :

Honda City's Back ;

but at least its no direct copy , more of " direct inspirations " :D

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cryptonx said:
the fit and finish are still to be worked on , however from the outside fit . finish quality is equal to japaneese cars.
Even the exterior fit and finish leaves much to be desired from my experience. Deformed fender sheet metal, poorly fitted weather strips, and door handle tolerances that prevented release are a few flaws I've seen.

I'd say the Flyer that has been around for longer, does much better.

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I've driven a few zhonghua taxis when visiting shenyang ( I have a bit of history with driving chinese taxis, even nicked one once ).

They are ok but all of them have had a slight amount of free play in the steering rack which didn't bother the taxi men but I would have wanted to get sorted.

interior design is nice, but as you say the fit is not perfect.

It's a lot of car for the money though, and distinctive yet stylish looking. I prefer the earlier model to the latest revamp though.
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