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Chery QQ driven to 185km/h

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the owner of this QQ claims to have driven it to 185kmh. Only modifications were in the engine.

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first job is to have the photoshop police give the pictures their scrutiny - some of them look a bit suspect.

it looks like a pretty big turbo for that engine.

it could work, but you also need to find a way to run the engine in it's modified state. definitely you need a way to increase fuelling when the boost comes in, which can be done with a special regulator but to work well you really need electronics, or ideally a standalone ECU. you ideally need to alter ignition timing in relation to boost as well. it's a lot of work to get it setup properly, esepecially if you don't have access to a dyno. I know, I set my modified NA chery up on the street and it was a lot of late nights with timing equipment, excel spreadsheets etc. It's all possible and something that somebody had to do sooner or later.

he has positioned the turbine outlet to run direct to the intake with no intercooler. if the engine internals are unmodified (standard compression ratio) then it won't take more than about 7psi before the trouble starts (detonation). of course 7 psi should give about 30% power increase so it's not a bad effort if it can be setup right.

there should be enough power to take it to 185kph, but the limiting factor unless you have a standalone ECU or can reprogram the existing one is that you'd hit the rev limiter in 5th. don't know what the QQ gearing is like but windcloud is already at 6000rpm at that speed so I'd be surprised if QQ can get there. not sure what the rev limit is on the 3 cyl, could be higher.

I'd be interested to know more, where did the pics come from? Looks like a Liaoning license plate right?
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