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Hazik, I'm surprised you don't recognize's the Changan CV6!!! Yes, this IS a QQ's a pretty cool little car. I've already been to a showroom to see it (but haven't driven it yet, that's on my 'to do' list) and it's a pleasant surprise. It's a bit roomier than the QQ, it still has plenty of the "cute" factor going for it but it's applied in a more mature fashion than the QQ (at least I think so). At this time it's only available with a 1.3 liter engine, but a 1.0 or 1.1 liter version is going to be introduced fairly soon (I would expect it will be introduced at the Shanghai show in 2 weeks). Nice blue lighting for the instrumentation (a lighter blue than VW), split folding rear seats - and you DON'T have to fold up the bottom seat cushion to fold down the rear seatbacks as you do in the QQ..........power windows all around, and it's available with a CD/MP3 player and ABS for about 49,000rmb. That matches up VERY well with the QQ6, although the QQ6 still offers more room. HOWEVER, when the small engine version of the CV6 is released, it will DEFIINTELY be a QQ fighter - expect the starting price to be 29-30,000 rmb. There are also some nice pics of the CV6 in the Changan sub-forum, I believe - check them out!! :thumb:
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