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Toyota yaris , basic model Manual 1.3 $14.500
Honda Civic 1.6L $24.000
Honda City 1.5L Manual $18,000
Chery QQ F/O 0.8 $7800
Chery A11 1.6L 8v $11.000
Hafei Lobo 1.1L $8000
BYD Blyer $6500


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not at all , altho Chery is dominating the market here , then the HQ and Hafei Lobo .

but the A11 and QQs are widely seen ...

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EDIT : dominating " the chinese " market , not the whole market :D

but the A11 is becoming a Major seller in its pricetag , since all the other makes from the same range, dont have the same features , or very outdated or having no options or freatures at all .

the A11 has been for sale since late 2004 , but it hasnt started to sell well except for the last few months thanks to words of a mouth , I haven't seen a single person that says something is bad or wrong with the car , except for one general notice ( the loud engine noise insdie the car ) which has been said by alot of ppl I know , among main streets , you can spot A11s twice or even more during an hour :D ( I tend to order my food out and sit in a park in middle of streets to eat , so I watch cars alot :D )

The QQ on the other hand is far more seen , along with the Hafei Lobo .
but I believe its gender ( female ) related issues and money issues .

the Flagcloud is rarely ... rarely seen .. I've seen 2 in 2 years so far ,but then again thier price is stupid and If i had its money I would never buy a Flagcloud , it costs $18,000 , which is far more than the following :

Kia Cerato
Hyundai Elantra
Hyundai Accent
Kia Rio
Opel Corsa
Mitsubish Lancer 1.3
Toyota Corrolla 1.3
Toyota Yaris 1.3
Fiat Siena 1.3
Honda City 1.5
Honda Jazz
Daihatsu YRV
Proton Waga
Proton Wira
Proton Gen 2
Chevorlet Optra ( daewoo nubira )
Chevorlet Aveo ( daewoo kalos )

so you see , the flagcloud is totally redicilous , only a few RICH ppl would DARE to RISK thier money to buy it , even if its a good car .

Geelys HQ are alot , but they look crappy and about to break down , CK-1 is avaialble but not like the A11 at all .

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at fmohiy

Well I didn't drive it much , since (A)
It has no plates yet ( car license ) so I am afraid to go out in the open u know the stupid officers nowadays ..

Anyways , i love it , has a very comfortable interior , not luxurious , not crappy , just practical , with a good layout and , high seating , better road vision ..

the central lock is quite wierd that i can't even explain in english :D

anyways , the car is a 1242CC ( claimed to be 1.3 L ) , generates 83 HP at 5500 rpm

at lower gears , especialy the 1st/2nd , I feel the car is doing more RPM for less speed ... ie putting more hard work to move , but on 3rd and 4th , its faster alot more faster than my dads 1.3 Corrolla , in fact since I can't go more than 90kms in the first 1000 , I reached 120km/h once on the " Ring Road " 2nd day of purchase , the sound is silenced , i thought i was on 50-60 .. and its very very stable .

but the best thing about it is the Handling , the powersteering is like driving a car in a video game ,very very smooth and direct

the only stuff i dont like , the car tends to sink from its front , when you brake hard ,, as if the front bumper is going touch the road , and the absencse of radio/cassette , and ABS , and the 1 year waranty issue ( but apparently its the same story in fiat brazil and fiat sa , only 1 year )

but then again , the radio/cassette could be added , and the ABS is not much common in egypt and some ppl told me its useless for such small cars

To be honest I am very pleased with the car so far , and I can recommend it for young ppl who want a fast car and for old people who are looking for a long living , sturdy , cheap spare parts car .

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sorry forgot the pics

sorry forgot the pics :D

EDIT , forgot
some pics ( low quality , my nokia 6681 1.3mp mobile sorry :D )

can u see them ?
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