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OK, I have a question regarding the this going to be ANOTHER member of the QQ family?? I know the reports many of us have read so far indicate that it is.............but I'm starting to wonder if this might simply be the SECOND GENERATION of the QQ3??? Think about it.........the present QQ3 isn't Chery's design at all (and we all know about that story). I can see Chery wanting to "distance" itself (over a reasonable period of time) from the whole Matiz/Spark ordeal - and the QQ5 could be the answer for that. While the QQ has been a HUGE sales success, there HAS always been a bit of confusion regarding it........."is it a QQ? Is it a Spark?? Well, it's ONE of those!!" If you were a car company, would YOU want your best-seller to be constantly confused with some other company's car??? I did a VERY unscientific experiment regarding the QQ5.......I showed one of the pics that Martin posted to my girlfriend (a smart girl but not really a car person). I told her NOTHING about the car, I just asked her "what do you think"? Anyone want to guess what her first words were?? "Oh, a QQ". IMMEDIATE brand recognition!! (BTW, she NEVER knew that the QQ6 was a Chery until I told her) Why? Well, let's look at this new QQ5 - the front end has a VERY STRONG resemblance to the current QQ3 (note the headlights and the signature Chery smile between the headlights), much more than the QQ6. Look at the overall dimensions - it is much closer in size to the QQ3 than the QQ6 is..........WHY would Chery make a new QQ model that is SO CLOSE in size to the QQ3? The QQ6 makes sense - it's larger and has it's own sense of styling, but the QQ5.........I think it would create buyer confusion to have the QQ3 and QQ5 selling side by side. I can see Chery bringing the QQ5 to market, advertising the heck out of it and then phasing out the QQ3. It is possible that when the QQ5 starts getting heavily promoted, it might even be ADVERTISED as the replacement for the QQ3!! Anyone else have any more opinions on this? Any more info??

As far as when this model is due to come to market? Erik Laofan posted a GREAT listing of ALL upcoming chinese car models and when they are due to be released.........but I can't find that posting anymore (it's somewhere on the forum)!! IF I remember correctly, I think that the QQ5 is due for a 2008 release sometime in the first quarter.....I THINK.
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