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Chery to reveal new brand strategy

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Chery to build low-end, high-end brands by 2009

November 24, 2008

Shanghai, November 24 ( Chery Auto is planning to build a new brand “Karry” for the low-end market and also a high-end brand in its ongoing Chery Quantum Automobile project, Yin Tongyao, president of Chery Auto told, Beijing News reporters.

The new brands programme was announced at the recent signing ceremony for Chery’s cooperation with Thai Yarnyon Co. Yin said Chery aims to launch four models by 2009, targeting the second- and third-tier cities. The models will get new brands and new sales networks, he added.

Besides, Yin confirmed that Chery Automobile Co's joint venture with the U.S.-based Quantum LLC is going very well and will build a high-end brand when it starts operation.

Chery is considering a new brand strategy, which is expected to be unveiled at the 2009 Shanghai Auto Show (April 20-28), Yin disclosed.
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Chery to reveal new brand strategy this year.

February 10th, 2009
Whilst Geely seems to be organising its brands brands into four line ups, Chery seems to be content on pumping out various cars, many of which overlap with each other, or have cars competing against each other in the same segment.

The new Chery brand strategy is expected to be launched later this year, around April, which will just be in time for the Shanghai show. Previously we learned that Chery are planning to launch the Karry brand, which will be Chery’s truck range, and will be comprimised of kei style mini vans and trucks, a larger pick up truck may possibly join the line up sometime in the future.

From 2003 to 2009, Chery have been promoting their Cloudwind, QQ, and Eastern Child range of cars. In 2009 this line up willl change to three distinct brands, which will see the Karry brand in the economy segment, the A-series, QQ, and Faira in the lower to mid segment, and a currently unknown premium brand. Blueprints for the total brand line up have yet to be announced.

from China Car Times
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Chery to launch luxury Riich brand on March 18.

March 11, 2009
Chery Auto is set to release its luxury car brand Riich (Ruiqi) on March 18, with six models to go on sale in the high-end auto market, said today. The Chery Riich logo closely resembles that of Bentley.

In addition to the logo, the exterior of Chery Riich also has much in common with Bentley, especially featuring the renowned Bentley wing signature design for a dapper and refined look. This design is shared by other luxury brands as well, such as Chrysler and Aston Martin. In the middle of the Chery luxury-brand's wing-like logo is a letter "R" (of Riich), just as the "B" of Bentley.

This luxury Riich logo is expected to feature in the Chery A6 models. In 2009, the Chery Riich brand will have six models for launch. The Chery A6 series will be equipped with 2.0-liter engines, each model to be priced between 100,000 yuan ($14,700) and 150,000 yuan.

Chery Auto, a Chinese-brand car maker famous for its cheap small-car QQ series, has decided to develop its own luxury car brand to expand into the high-end market. The Riich is seen as Chery's key brand to the luxury car segment, with Chinese officials as the target consumers.

The company aims to sell at least 50,000 high-end cars this year. Chery Auto is determined to build up its luxury brand image. The Chery Riich brand will rival Audi and will also include the sedan, hatchback, crossover and SUV models.

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interesting developments by Chery. It seems Volvo fits quite well into this plan for an international luxury brand especially given the Chery-Quantum company setup just to make premium cars. Chery-Quantums initial plans for 150k cars per year is easily beaten by volvos approx 350-450k per year. If Quantum-Chery and Chery have the money Volvo seems to be a natural fit to their plans. Unless of course they will to establish their own luxury brand on their own. Would take a lot of time though to internationally establish a new brand.

If Chery's plans for Volvo are sincere and honest (ie they will invest heavily in the brand, new models, grow market share etc, respect volvo's heritage and engineering practices plus keep R&D in Sweden etc) then it could be good partnership especially due to Chery ambitions and aspirations to become a world player. They are already the biggest car brand in China? Seems the Chinese are set to follow (albeit more rapidly) the expansion routes of first the Japanese and secondly the Korean car companies.

There is talk of Chery not being experienced in international management. That doesnt matter as Volvo should be run as a subsidiary by its own staff. Remember Volvo has been an international car brand for 80 years. They know how to do things.

The only troubling concern is if Chery (or someone else) were to have sinister intentions with volvo (cvs) and only be buying them to buy their engineers, designers, technology, patents etc with the plan long term to shut volvo down, close factories and then use the name for their own products.

I think Chery and Volvo could work so long as Chery respects Volvo's design processes, engineering standards, component quality, testing programmes and Swedish heritage. They need to maintain volvo's development etc in Sweden but at the same time maximise Volvo unique strengths and have a "Scandinavian Luxury" brand. No mistreatment of Volvo please!
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no official releases from Chery regarding this new Riich brand....and it's 18th March today
From China Car Times.

Chery RICH brand unveiled, Chery Faira range finds its place?!

Chery’s latest sub brand, which is set to be named ‘Rich’ (possibly spelled Riich) was scheduled to be launched today, however, no news of its launch has appeared in the Chinese press.

But, pictures of Rich branded cars from the Faira range were spotted out in a Chery carpark.

The Rich brand was rumored to be sport a Bentley style badge, it seems those rumors have come true. The cars themselves do look rather interesting, the crossover style version is not to CCT’s tastes, but the hatchback looks rather nice, even if it sports some design cues from the previous generation Honda Fit.

Now it seems that the Faira range will be put under the Rich brand and will be marketed as technologically rich vehicles at a low price, very much like what Ford are doing with their Fiesta. The Chery A series will probably continue to be sold under the Chery range, but the A6 and future A6 Coupe will probably fall under the Rich brand as well.

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Chery official launched its new brands.

They will be using four different brands. As already mentioned Riich brand will be used for high end sedans. The Rely brand will be used for mid and high end business cars, (In China, business cars usually refer to MPV’s etc). The first of the Riich cars has come off the production line, and is to be known as the G6. The Riich G6 will come in two forms, a 2.0TDCI and a 3.0V6 model. The Riich brand is aiming to become China’s first premier range of automobiles. Small work vehicles will carry the Karry brand.
This is a disaster, really a shame for a Chinese car company that was seemingly going to the right direction. Hopefully Chery has someone listening to feedback and hopefully reading this and correct this mistake.

These new brand names sound terrible and the logos look like too derivative (Riich = Bentley, Karry = Ford, Rely = Infiniti). They should definitively fire whoever came with the names which sound horrible in English and the logos too. If they have ambitions of expanding out of China; they'll have to scrap these and hire foreign consultants to come up with better names and logos.

What a HUGE disappointment. :(
I totally agree with you. In my opinion Chery needs just one, strong brand. And how will Chery export its cars to Europe and North America? With four brands?!
while the car itself looks prety good, the logo issue is a WTF were they thinking case. I just read the comments from, most of the 900 posts were severely critical. If Chinese in China are disgusted by these logos, how the hell is Chery suppose to succede internationally?

yeah, hopefully after hearing all the negative feedbacks Chery will retract their copied logos and stick to the Chery logo itself, which I think look simple and elegant.
Four Brands!?

They're going crazy...with one, it's more than sufficient.

This must be a joke...

What an original name for a SUV...X5!!!

For the love of God!

Chery, please hire people with NEW ideas...

Couple of pictures from the Chery Riich G6 at a presentation for journalists:

Riich is meant as a brand for luxury sedans to compete with VW's Megotan and Buick's Park Avenue, for a lower price off course...

The predecessor of the G6 was an infamous vehicle called the Eastar, infamous because it got -100 stars at a several crash tests around the globe.

Interestingly the G6 seems actually just a face lift of that car; proportions and size are very similar. The Eastar was based on a old Daewoo design that Chery for some reason thought looked nice.

The G6 will come with two engines, a 2.0 TCI and a 3.0 V6. Powerrr: 125kw/5500 rpm and 143kw/5500 respectively.

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Can only use 3 pictures for every post, so here some more:

This seems not a very smart idea to me, what about that poor passenger in the front? Chery did try to make it all look very luxurious with loads of buttons and white leather but the car just doesn't seem that big.

Chery is messing up its new logo's, that's the old Chery-thing on the steering wheel. The back carries the Karry, damn now I start mixing 'm up myself, the back has the Riich logo and the front some new Riich standing thing, like a Rolls Royce.

The dash does not look good; here it is clear that this is actually an ancient car in a new kind of design. Materials look very cheap and the panels don't seem to fit very well together. New center console could be called ok if one is drunk. Price is still a secret but I guess around 25.000 dollar for the 2.0.

Logo's of Chery's new brands:

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Riich M1, will probably also come as Chery QQ:

The Chery pickers from Anhui can't keep anything secret anymore. The Shanghai Auto Show is less than two weeks away and the new Cherries keep on coming. Today the first pictures of the definite production version of the Riich M1.

As far as things are clear, and very clear they aren't with Chery's new brands and name-strategies, the name car will be get two badges: one is Chery QQ and the other Riich M1.

The QQ will be the cheaper one for the low end of the compact market while the M1 will get a nicer interior and more gadgets and compete with cars as the Toyota Yaris and Suzuki Swift.
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Some more:

But I got to be a bit careful here; while pictures of the M1 are leaking around I haven't seen much of the new QQ.

Engine though is known: base will be a 1.3 Boring with 63kw/6000rpm and 122nm/3500-4000 rpm.

Price is not known but I can make a guess: around 5000 US dollar for the cheapest QQ-badged car and around 8000 for the cheapest M1.
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