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Re: Chery Buses (Anhui Wuhu Rappan - Ruipeng)

From chinaautoweb

Toyota’s Coaster is perhaps the most copied vehicle in China. In the past thirty years, it is estimated that the popular minibus has been cloned by well over a hundred local manufacturers. The copycats include not only little-known brands but mainstream players like JAC, King Long, and Higer. Realizing lawsuits could not stop the rampant piracy, the Japanese automaker instead chose in 2000 to work with one of the bigger imitators, Sichuan (Huaxi) Bus, for a local production of Coaster (the joint venture later became part of FAW-Toyota). So replication, authorized or not, goes on, and now spreads to Chery.

The exposed model has been developed by Chery’s commercial vehicle subsidiary, Anhui Wuhu Rappan (Ruipeng), which currently produces buses 7-12 meters long. The pictures below, released by, are said to come from the production application filed by the company with the Chinese government.

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