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Chery's Flagship Brand: Xuan Yuan

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From China Car Times:
Chery obviously don’t have enough on their plate with their automotive brands which currently consist of Chery, Karry, Riich and Reely, they plan on adding yet another to their portfolio of sub brands.

The new super brand is going to be named Xuan Yuan (轩辕) and takes the name of a man in early Chinese history that managed to build a car using differential gears to power itself somehow.

The assistant to the Chery chairman, Mr. Jin Yi Bo, was quoted as saying “Xuan Yuan is going to be Chery’s flagship premium brand, we are going to aim it at the premium luxury segment, the branding and associated icons have been formally registered with the authorities. We are currently assembling the car line up now.” The exact date for launching the new brand has not yet been released, but it is expected to be released as soon as the Riich and Reely brands have been successfully launched.

Two years ago, pictures of a high end Chery F11 were leaked to to the internet, the F11 was expected to make the use of Chery’s own V6 and V8 engines which ranged from 3.0L to 4.2L which were expected to be used for VIP’s and state use. The F11 is expected to make it into the Xuan Yuan fold
This is interesting. Chery is doing what Mazda did a few years ago when the introduced brands like Autozam and Eunos. Still, can Chery actually make a premium segement car which will compete with the likes of Mercedes and Audi?
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Don't forget we have an engineer at the helm. Nothing wrong with engineers, but he doesn't have a clue about marketing the product he's worked so hard to turn out.
And it appears he's surrounding himself with people of like mind.
I guess Chery will have to learn the hard way.
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