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Chery driving out Anhui province with new factory in Dalian
3 October 2009

The Chinese upstart automaker, Chery, is planning to build its first factory outside of Anhui province in Dalian, Liaoning Province.

The factory is the product of a 4.7 billion RMB investment in the Dalian special trade zone and is also built on reclaimed land. Dalian City recently listed the automobile industry as a pillar of economic growth for the regional economy, and has done well to secure Chery’s investment, car parts manufacturers are expected to make the move to Dalian over the coming months as Chery gears up for production in June 2011.

The car plant is based over 20,000 square kiliometers and will be able to produce 200,000 cars per year for both domestic and export sales. Chery currently has 11 plants around the world, but all of the Chinese factories are based around Wuxi, Chery’s hometown in the southern province of Anhui.

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