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Chevrolet Sail and SRV

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Yes my friends... in other post i told you that the chinese cars weren't able to pass the Euro III pollution standards... but, Chevrolet Chile 'll be the very first make to import a chinese model; the Sail.

The Chevrolet Corsa (the late Buick Sail) is sold in Chile since 1993, but since 1999 is the No.1 of the chilean market. But in 2006, the Corsa fall to the 2nd place (the actual top ranked is the Toyota Yaris).

Chevrolet Chile has decided to import the chinese Sail, the 4-door version, which 'll be sold in Chile with the same 1.6L engine, air conditioning, power windows, central lock, cd radio, double front airbags and ABS brakes for $5.000.000 chilean pesos (USD 9.417).


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Hooray for Chile :)

Australia was 1st country to receive

-the 1st RHD Chinese built car

-Shanghai-Volkswagen Polo
Chevrolet Chile 'll make the launch in about 2 weeks...

check later in

There's some test drives that have completed over 40.000kms in a few months...
I dont know why do they keep face-lifting the old corsa shape, while they can produce the whole new shape instead! & it will look better....

This is the Opel Corsa produced in Egypt, By GM.
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egytuner said:
I dont know why do they keep face-lifting the old corsa shape, while they can produce the whole new shape instead! & it will look better....
Because the Sail was developed in China to be a cheap car but with a international make (Buick). The current facelifted Sail is more close to the rest of the GM-DAT (Ex-Daewoo) range of Shanghai GM (Spark/Matiz - Aveo - Lacetti/Nubira) than the Corsa-C which is more related to the german lineup (Opel)...

BTW, that egypcian Corsa-C is a CKD kit (complete knockdown kit) made in Brazil to be assembled in Egypt...
The "Chevrolet Corsa Plus" is already on sale in Chile...

The price is $5.340.000 (US$9.890) and it has a single version with the 1.6 engine, air conditioning, power windows, central lock, alarm, double airbags, abs brakes, fog lamps, etc.

Chevrolet Chile hope to sell about 300 units by month.

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Chevrolet Sail is modified Opel Corsa B. In China the car was first produced by GM Shanghai as Buick Sail (sedan) and Sail S-RV (station wagon), respectively, until 2005. That year they became known as the Chevrolet Sail and SRV.

Pictures of Buick:


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Shanghai GM quits production of Chevrolet Sail

Shanghai GM quits production of Chevrolet Sail

Shanghai. February 27,2008 - Shanghai GM has decided to stop production of its Chevrolet Sail model and may replace it with Opel Corsa, local newspaper Beijing Youth News reported today.

Official statistics indicate that Shanghai GM only produced 9 Sail vehicles in January this year. Last year it sold 18,961 Sail vehicles, a 23 percent decline from a year earlier. A spokesman from Shanghai GM confirmed that the joint venture automaker has officially halted the production of Sail vehicles starting in January.

Eight years after it was locally produced and launched in Chinese market, the model’s production has finally come to a halt.

"Some 50,000 units of Sail were sold in the Chinese market in the first year after it arrived here, but since then, it has been facing tougher and tougher competitions from rivals such as Polo and Fit," said Ding Lei, General Manager of Shanghai GM.

The price of Sail also dropped from around 100,000 yuan ($13,988) to 50,000 yuan ($6,994) last year, but repeated price cuts failed to invigorate the slump sales.

Besides Sail vehicles, Shanghai GM also produces Chevrolet Aveo compact sedan and Aveo and Epica at its plant in Yantai, Shandong province. Last year the automaker sold 87,031 units Lova alone, up 136 percent from the year earlier.

The report also said the automaker may bring the Opel Corsa to replace the model, but the story has not been confirmed by Shanghai GM officials.

and the history of China-Made Opel Corsa

Kia Sephia, called Meilu JJ7150 and
Nissan Sunny, called Meilu JJ7091


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Not even for export???

Since it's launch, more than 2000 Sail (called Chevrolet Corsa Plus) were sold in Chile... with a current price of US$11.300
Sail, sails into the sunset

The B segment Buick Sail was introduced in 2001 and lasted just about 8 years, with production at SGM's Yantai plant being halted last February.

It began its life at GM's new Shanghai plant, but after SGM bought Yantai Auto Body, its assembly was moved up to the SGM Dongyue Branch in Yantai, to make room for more exciting models like Cadillac and Royaum.

Here in 2005 its design got some tweaking from the PATAC development center and it became the "Chevy Sail". In the year 2004 it sold around 59,000but that dropped to a low of less than 19,000 last year. Some units even made there way to Chile to add to China's export numbers.

It started its life selling for almost 100,000 RMB and ended selling for just over 50,000.

Now SGM has subtituted lots of Lova at Yantai. :)
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SAIC Yizheng Automobile was also producing Chinese version of Opel Combo (commercial van based on Opel Corsa).

The Yizheng plant, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Automotive, was producing the Sabre four-seat pickup truck, which was based on General Motors Corp's Opel Combo chassis. The factory is capable of producing up to 30,000 vehicles a year.


More about Shanghai Auto Saibao panel van at:


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This model (Chevrolet Corsa Classic and Chevrolet Classic) is popular on taxi and police fleet in Argentina, the Classic (based on the Chevrolet Sail MK1) was made from 2009 until 2016. Sales are remaining in stock cars (usually when dealers have cars on display, when the model is over, they send the exhibited car to small dealers and village/little cities dealers). Go to a small dealer and you'll found one.
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