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Quickly, what the newspaper's article brings is the following:

1. Chile starts with Chinese cars by the end of 2006

2. the manufacturer plant in China is ShuangHuan Auto. See web page

3. vehicles to be sold by local company Motorrad (current bringing motorcycles from China), who has created a local company and brand "Autorrad" to go with these pickups in Chile.

4. retail price in Chile for Autorrad "Century" and "Deer" (both double cabs, but Deer is shorter than Century) models as of CH$ 6.500.000 (about US$ 12.000) . The top of the line Autorrad "Sceo" model is fully equipped with automatic transmission priced at CH$ 15.400.000 (about US$ 28.500)

5. official launch expected by the end of 2006

6. models already passed construction/crash quality and emissions legislations. Pending Homologation certificate, which according to the manager it is about to come.

7. according to the manager retail prices should decrease a bit as shipment by ro-ro is implemented. Current vehicles being shipped in 40' HC containers.


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