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One of the very few Chinese cars on show at Paris is the Chika, a small electric car marketed by China Automobile France. It was designed by Li Shi Guang Ming, who believes that it represents a first step towards the creation of a genuinely Chinese car styling "language".

The roundish Chika is just 2.65 meters long and has a wheelbase of 1.71 meters. Width and height are the same as the one at a ball, and amounted to 1.54 meters. The vehicle is a two-seater which is of course expected given the small size of a car.

Chika is powered with electric motor with 4 kW (5 hp). The top speed of the 780 kilo car with automatic transmission is 50 km / h. The range of fully charged battery according to manufacturer is 150 km. The batteries last aprox. eight hours. There are no words about possible production.

China Automobile France homepage:
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