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China becomes the largest motorcycle exporter to Argentina

Updated: 2008-04-28 Source:China Knowledge

China has replaced Brazil to be the largest motorcycle exporter to Argentina, according to the report of Argentina Industrial Economy Research Institute on Thursday.

It was reported that the sale of motorcycles rose 42.5% to 680,000 units in Argentina last year. However, the market share of its homemade motorcycles was only 7%, and that of imported motorcycles was over 90%.

Motorcycle sales have risen more than five-fold in the nation, and the amount of imports soared more than 60 times over the past five years.

With the rapid growth of motorcycle imports in Argentina, China played a very important role in Argentina motorcycle imports. Last year, products from China accounted for 75% of Argentina's total motorcycle imports.

Meanwhile, the proportion of complete vehicle imports is increasing, while that of parts has seen a decreasing trend.

It is predicted that Argentina motorcycle market will keep seeing rapid growth in the following years. Its sale is expected to hit 750,000 units next year.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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