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China Car Parts comes to Oakland

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Auto supplier sets up shop at U.S. auto central

Press Automotive Editor

TROY A major Chinese supplier company, China Automotive Systems Inc., is setting up to do business in Oakland County.

The office in Troy is the company's first overseas office, with a small staff. It will focus on market development, research and development and after-sales service in North America, a spokesman said Tuesday. China Automotive Systems is considered a leading supplier of power steering components in China. Its decision to locate an offi ce in Southeastern Michigan is expected to reinforce Detroit's image as the world's leading automotive center.

In addition, China is emerging as one of the world's largest markets for new vehicles and automotive technology.

Hanlin Chen, China Automotive Systems chairman and chief executive officer, said the company hopes to leverage the resources available in the United States to upgrade product quality, enhance new product research and development and extend the company's leadership in the Chinese domestic market.

"We are very excited about the opening of our first office in the overseas market," Chen said.

"Our U.S. presence will also enable us to shorten the communication gap between our China operation and U.S. manufacturers. Ultimately, we see tremendous technolo- gy collaboration and growth opportunities between our new U.S. office and our existing Chinese operations," said Chen.

Based in Hubei Province, China Automotive is a top supplier of power steering components and systems to the Chinese automotive industry through seven different joint ventures.

The company offers a full range of steering system parts for autos and commercial vehicles and has an annual production capacity of 800,000 sets
Its customer base is top Chinese auto manufacturers such as China First Automotive Works Group Corp., Donfeng Auto Group Co. Ltd., Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd., Beiqi Foton Motor Co. Ltd. and Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. Ask the auto editorof steering systems.
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Real_I_Hate_China said:
No foreigner bought from this Chinese supplier.
they are coming to OAKLAND, which means they will have foreigners buying their stuff
Real_I_Hate_China said:
No foreigner bought from this Chinese supplier.
They didn't but they will.
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