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Hi there - just curious.
how are you doing?

Does anyone know how many people/engineers are involved in the Car software development (i.e. the software that controls the engine and chassis) at these companies?

  1. Chery Automobile
  2. Geely (Jili) Automobile
  3. Shanghai Maple Automobile
  4. Great Wall Motor
  5. Brilliance China Automotive
  6. Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC)
  7. FAW (First Automobile Works)
  8. Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFM)
  9. Jiangling Motor (JMC) Landwind

And does anybody know what software these companies currently use to generate that control software?

Thanks a lot.

best wishes


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Hello d_smith,
thanks a lot for your fast reply.

Yep - it sounds a little complex but the scope is just to get a ball park figure about the staffing at these companies.
Like - average is 30 men approx. or the numbers 1-4 are around 20 man at Software, the rest is at 15 men or so.

The glimpse on software is to get the info on what is used at all - if i.e. a specific software is used or if the C code is hand made in any case.

Cheers - have a nice day
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