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China's top 10 passenger-car makers by May

China's top 10 passenger-car makers by May sales unveiled.

June 17 ( China sold a total of 420,500 passenger vehicles (including sedan, SUV and MPV) in May alone, up 14.5 percent from a year earlier but down 6.6 percent from April, China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

FAW Volkswagen was the top seller in May with sales of 39,691 units, followed by Shanghai VW and Shanghai GM, with 38,420 and 36,707 vehicles sold each.

Of the top 10 passenger car makers in China, only Guangzhou Honda and FAW Toyota saw their monthly sales increase in May from the previous month, amid the pervasive auto sales depression as a result of the devastating earthquake on May 12.

The top ten car maker sold a combined 295,710 units, representing 70.3 percent of the total sales in May.


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Top selling MPV's in May

China's top selling MPV brands in May released.

June 18, 2008 - China Association of Automobile Manufacturers unveiled top five MPV brands in term of May sales in Chinese market.

Top five MPV models, including Buick GL8, Honda Odyssey, JAC Refine, Dongfeng Jingyi and Chery Riich, reported sales of some 12,000 units in May, which represents 67.60 percent of Chinese MPV market.

Rank / MPV brands / Automaker / May sales
1. / Buick GL8 / Shanghai GM / 3,497
2. / Honda Odyssey / Guangzhou Honda / 3,087
3. / Refine / Jianghuai (JAC) / 3,050
4. / Jingyi / Dongfeng Motor / 1,100
5. / Riich / Chery Auto / 1,079

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China's top five SUV brands for January - May.

June 20, 2008 - China Association of Automobile Manufacturers has unveiled top five hot selling SUV brands in the Chinese market from January to May.

The top five SUV models are Honda CRV, Great Wall Hover, Hyundai Tucson, Chery Tiggo and Kia Sportage, which together posted sales of 107,496 units in the first five months, representing 59.99% of China's SUV market in that period.

In May alone, the top selling SUVs models in terms of sales include Honda CRV, Chery Tiggo, Great Wall Hover, Hyundai Tucson and Changfeng Liebao. A total of 23,333 units of the five brand SUVs were sold in May, accounting for 61.58 percent of the total.

The table below gives a brief list of the top selling SUV brands and their automakers in China in the first five months of 2008 and in May alone.

Table I
Rank / SUV brands / Automakers / Jan-May sales
1. / CRV / Dongfeng Honda / 31,840
2. / Hover / Great Wall / 23,766
3. / Tucson / Beijing Hyundai / 21,692
4. / Tiggo / Chery Auto / 18,537
5. / Sportage / Kia / 11,661

Table II
Rank / SUV brands / Automakers / May sales
1. / CRV / Dongfeng Honda / 7,463
2. / Tiggo / Chery Auto / 5,310
3. / Hover / Great Wall / 4,134
4. / Tucson / Beijing Hyundai / 3,835
5. / Liebao / Changfeng Motor / 2,591

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June 2008 Auto Sales Results in China

Top 10 passenger cars in june:
1. Hyundai Elantra - 24,257 cars sold (May 20,446)
2. Toyota Corolla 19,722 (May 19,924)
3. VW Santana 19,481 (May 16,144)
4. VW Jetta 17,135 (May 16,232)
5. Buick Excelle15,560 (May 11,139)
6. Chery QQ 12,073 (May 9167)
7. 7th Gen Honda Accord 12,042 (May 15,917)
8. Toyota Camry 10,386 (May 12,349)
9. Ford Focus 9,755 (May 9,567)
10. Chevrolet Lova/Aveo 9,520 (May 11,337)

China sells 286,804 SUVs in Jan-May.
China sold 286,804 SUVs from January to May this year, up 58.8% from the same period of last year, sources from China Passenger Car Association said yesterday.

The total sales of SUVs built in China were 199,812 units, up 47.8% from a year earlier, while sales of imported SUVs rose a remarkable 91.3% year on year to 86,994 units.

Japan is the largest contributor to the sales volume of imported SUVs, with 39,195 units sold in China, followed by South Korea and the U.S..

March was a record month as sales of imported SUV sales rose 104% to 21,510 units and domestically built SUVs rose 61% to 47,769 units. The overall sales of SUV slided afterward due to natural disasters, such as the Sichuan earthquake and southern provinces' flooding.
China's PV sales in June up 13% y/y, down1.3% m/m
There were 517,469 passenger vehicles (PVs) sold in China in June, up 13% year on year (y/y), but down 1.3% from May, said today. The PV sales in the Chinese market have dropped for three straight months, but this trend is expected to change for the better starting this month.

The latest statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) show that in the first six months of this year, the sales of passenger vehicles in the country totaled 3,322,876 units, up 14.2% over one year earlier. Industry experts from the CAAM predicted that the sluggish PV sales since April will be reversed in the second half of this year starting in July, with sales likely to grow by 10% y/y.

In June, China sold 38,098 SUVs, representing the biggest growth at 32.0% y/y; there were 369,639 sedans sold, up 11.7% y/y, but down 2.02% from the previous month; sales of MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles) hit 17,622 units, up 0.8% y/y.

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China auto sales up 17% in first half year 2008-07-09

BEIJING, July 9 (Xinhua) -- China saw a slowdown in auto sales growth in the first half of 2008, due largely to increasing gas prices and looming restrictions on vehicle operation for better air quality during the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said on Wednesday that between January and June, the country sold 3.61 million passenger motor vehicles, a growth of 17.07 percent over the same period a year previous. The growth rate, however, was 5.19 percentage points lower than the 22.26 percent level recorded in the same period last year.

The total included 2.67 million cars, up 16.72 percent and 111,400 multiple purpose vehicles (MPVs), an increase of 4.09 percent. In addition, 224,300 sport utility vehicles (SUVs) were sold, up 42 percent.

The top-10 brands accounted for 1.76 million units, or 65.86 percent, of the total car sales. They were FAW Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, FAW Toyota, Chery, Dongfeng Nissan, Beijing Hyundai, Guangzhou Honda, Geely and Chang'an Ford.

In June, 588,300 passenger vehicles were sold nationwide, up 15.23 percent over the same month last year.

The total included 433,600 cars, up 13.19 percent, 18,100 MPVs, up 4.53 percent, and 45,200 SUVs, up 49.25 percent.

Analysts with the association attributed the fast growth of SUV sales partly to mounting demand driven by disaster relief.

Experts with the Zhonglian Auto Trade Market in Beijing said most potential auto buyers had taken a wait-and-see attitude and that the market would warm again in late September upon easing of the Olympic auto restrictions.

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Re: June 2008 Auto Sales Results in China

martin_krpan said:
Top 10 passenger cars in june:
1. Hyundai Elantra - 24,257 cars sold (May 20,446)
2. Toyota Corolla 19,722 (May 19,924)
3. VW Santana 19,481 (May 16,144)
4. VW Jetta 17,135 (May 16,232)
5. Buick Excelle15,560 (May 11,139)
6. Chery QQ 12,073 (May 9167)
7. 7th Gen Honda Accord 12,042 (May 15,917)
8. Toyota Camry 10,386 (May 12,349)
9. Ford Focus 9,755 (May 9,567)
10. Chevrolet Lova/Aveo 9,520 (May 11,337)

China sells 286,804 SUVs in Jan-May.

China's PV sales in June up 13% y/y, down1.3% m/m

Martin, I don't know how accurate those figures for June are but this is what I got from Gasgoo

China's top 10 passenger-car makers in June

By Ally

July 09, 2008

Shanghai, July 9 ( China's Shanghai VW was the top seller in June with sales of 44,618 vehicles both in domestic and overseas markets, followed by Chery Auto and Shanghai GM, with sales of 37,994 units and 37,921 units respectively, according to a report unveiled by China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

FAW VW saw a remarkable sales drop in June as a result of strategy adjustment. The new appointed general-manager of FAW VW Sales Division Hu Yong announced plans early in June to restrain vehicle supply to dealers so as to reduce excess inventory, which led to a decline in the monthly wholesale volume. Chery experienced a strong sales growth thanks to contribution by overseas market.

A total of 517,469 passenger vehicles (PVs) were sold in China in June, up 13% year on year (y/y), but down 1.3% from May. CPCA attributed the decline to the flooding in many of China's southern provinces and an oil price hike, but it forecasts the impact brought by these negative factors will be temporary.


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Most carmakers short of half annual sales in H1

July 15, 2008

Shanghai, July 15 ( According to the domestic and foreign sales data from the China Passenger Car Association, only Changan Ford Mazda of the 10 major carmakers in mainland China achieved half of its annual sales target in the first half of this year, reported South China Times today.

Based on its sales sprint in June, Shanghai VW sold 272,009 vehicles in the January to June period, snatching the Top 1 sales title from FAW VW, now a runner-up which sold 268,685 units, followed by Shanghai GM with 248,799 units and Chery Auto with 208,465 units. The fifth carmaker by sales in the six months is Beijing Hyundai, which reversed its sales depression of 2007 by selling 164,792 vehicles, up 47% year on year.

In the first half of 2008, Shanghai GM saw a slide in its sales growth and market share while FAW VW's sales volume was largely contributed by its vehicles still in stock. About 50% of the 208,465 vehicles sold by Chery in the period were delivered to overseas markets -- Of the 10 major carmakers in China, Chery may rank 10th by sales in the domestic market.

China's auto market is expected to fluctuate in the second half of 2008. The sales of China's passenger vehicles will continue to grow by about 13% in the following six months, and sales in September, October and November will surge considerably, but it remains to be seen whether this sales surge will be enough to make up for the market slump around and during the August Olympic Games season.

Some potential policies (such as the levy of car consumption taxes) and the fuel price hike will also affect the sales of vehicles in the second half. But if the stockpile is growing high, more customers will wait to buy cars on special offer at the end of the year.

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Hi TDI and Daewoo Chevrolet:

Yes, you are right DC; New Dadi did at one time assemble and sell the Musso. But I believe that once SAIC bought the majority stake in Ssangyong, that production ended.

TDI, as for Musso being in the top ten, I question it. CAAM reporting has been wrong before and may be in this case too.

Maybe CAAM is confusing the Musso with the Rexton SUV, which replaces it.

daewoo-chevrolet said:
I think the quality level of Chinese cars is not that high anyway ;)
Back as far as 2004, JD Power China Initial Quality Survey results showed Chery QQ finishing first in the China compact car segment. (according to the company website) It was right behind the GM Spark ;).
The Dongfeng Liuzhou Future MPV has done very well too.

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But I don't think that the Great Wall Hover or Chery Tiggo are much more reliable than the SsangYong Musso.
Besides, in Europe is the SsangYong Kyron the successor of the Musso. The Rexton is a more expensive model. Roewe will introduce their own version of the SsangYong Kyron.

SsangYong Musso

SsangYong Kyron

Roewe SUV

SsangYong Rexton

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China H1 heavy truck sales up 51% to 397,200 units

July 21, 2008

Shanghai. July 21 ( Sales of heavy-duty trucks in the Chinese market rose impressively in the first half of 2008. Total sales volume of heavy trucks amounted to 397,200 units, an increase of 51% from one year earlier, data from China Light Vehicle Analysis Union (CLVAU) shows.

The strong surge in heavy truck sales is related to a new regulation issued by China's Environmental Protection Agency. Under the new regulation, China started to ban all production and sales of heavy trucks that cannot meet EU-III emission standards starting July 1 of this year.

Lin Wei, General Secretary of the CLVAU, said there would be a significant decline in sales in the second half of this year, and the market will possibly return to normal by October when consumers may gradually resume confidence. GF Securities Co estimates China's sales of heavy trucks for the second half will only total 180,000 units.

The data shows FAW Jie Fang Truck Co was the number one seller in the Jan-June market with sales of 104,000 units. Dongfeng Truck held on to second place with 73,000 units, followed by Sinotruck with 70,000 units.

Total sales by brands for the first six months of 2008:

Jie Fang: 104,000, +44%
Dongfeng: 73,000, +73.5%
Sinotruck: 70,000, +40%
Foton Auman: 38,000, +18.8%
Jianghuai Gallop: 7,000, --

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China's pickup sales top 100,000 units in H1.

July 24, 2008 - The total sales of China's 10 major pickup brands reached 103,387 units in the first half of 2008, up 21.8% from one year earlier, reported today, citing the latest data from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM).

Great Wall Motor led the pickup sales with 31,399 units from January to June, capturing 30.4% market share. The second to eighth best-selling pickup brands over the period are Jiangling, Nissan, Zhongxing, Foton, Huanghai (Yellow Sea), Gonow, and Qingling.

Statistics of the CAAM show that the first-half sales of the four major auto categories -- sedans, MPVs, SUVs and pickups -- hit 3,097,220 units in the Chinese market, up 18.53% year-on-year. The sales growth rates of sedans (16.8%) and MPVs (4.8%) were both below that of pickups.

The soaring fuel price did not affect the sales of pickups in China over the past six months because they are mainly used as vehicles widely needed for business and industrial activities for China’s booming economy. The demand for pickups is expected to grow more rapidly.

The sales of pickups now only account for 3% of the sales of the four major auto categories in China, but industry experts predicted that the market share of pickups will rise to 5% in the country's auto market by 2010, and to about 10% in the next 15 to 20 years.

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1 Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation 1526922
Shanghai GM Wuling 552865
Shanghai Volkswagen 466139
Shanghai GM (Pudong) 297005
Shanghai GM Dongyue 152804
Shanghai GM Norsom 40627
Roewe 17482

2 First Automobile Works 1282219
FAW Volkswagen 489821
Tianjin Toyota 270725
Tianjin FAW Xiali 183649
Xiali Cs2
Weizhi Cs8
Haima 122562
Family Cs4
FAW Car 88480
FAW Jilin 49257
FAW Hongta 45168
FAW Harbin 18624
FAW Sichuan 10952
FAW Sichuan Fengyue 2698
Haima Zhengzhou 183
Tianjin Qingyuan 100

3 Chang'an Automobile 886892
Chang’an Auto 403440
Chang'an-Ford-Mazda 226341
Jiangling 107635
Changan-Suzuki 107621
Nanjing Chang´an 30000
Jiangling Landwind 11855

4 Dongfeng Motor Corporation 824604
Dongfeng Nissan 274120
Dongfeng Peugeot Citroën 213058
Dongfeng Honda 124975
Dongfeng Yueda KIA 105919
Dongfeng Yu'an 73554
Dongfeng Fengxing 19266
Zhengzhou Nissan 13712

5 Beijing Automotive Industry Holding 706557
Foton 413444
Beijing Hyundai 231888
Beijing Auto 40989
Beijing Benz 20236

6 Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group 465739
Guangzhou-Honda 295462
Guangzhou-Toyota 170277

7 Chery (Qirui) 387880
QQ Cs1
Qiyun (Flagcloud) Cs6
A520 Cs8

8 Brilliance China Automotive 256378
Brilliance Zhonghua 113839
Junjie Cs10
Brilliance Jinbei 104280
BMW Brilliance 34720
Brilliance Mianyang 3539

9 Geely Automobile 216774
Geely 184777
Freedom Cruiser Cs5
Jingang (King Kong) Cs7
Shanghai Maple 31997

10 Jianghuai JAC 206031

11 Hafei 198776
12 Great Wall 123251

Changhe 58640
Changhe Suzuki 53443

14 BYD 100376
BYD F3 Cs3

15 Lifan 64259

16 Dongnan 45360

17 Honda Export 43596

18 Zhongxing 40166

19 Xinkai 40000

20 Baoding Dadi Auto Group 39309
Dadi Xunchi 24309
Dadi Hebei 15000

21 Qingling 38603

22 Zotye Auto 32906
Zotye 26900
Jiangnan 6006

23 Hunan Changfeng Group Ltd. 30779
Changfeng Liebao 25785
Changfeng Yangzi 4994

24 Gonow Auto 22258
Gonow 22030
Gonow Shaanxi 228

25 Nanjing Automobile 22235
Nanjing Fiat 16070
MG 3272
Nanqi 2893

26 Polarsun 18032

27 Huatai 13641

28 Huanghai (Shuguang) 11140

29 Tianma 11000

30 Forta (Fuda) 8566

31 Shuanghuan 7500

32 Zongshen Tongbao 3000

33 Fudi 3000

34 Tianqi Meiya 2656

35 Baolong 2150

36 Jincheng 2000

37 Sandi 2000

38 Huaxiang Fuqi 1006

39 Huayang 500

40 Feidie 449

41 Yema 419

i tried to make a list of chinese manufacturer in 2007 what do you think about my list?

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Chery QQ3, Cowin achieve outstanding sales

From:cheryglobal.comAugust 02, 2008

Market statistics show that Chery QQ3 is crowned the sales champion of Chinese compact cars in June, total sales volume exceeding 8,122 units in China. QQ3, with its strong features of multi-color, hi-tech and dynamic confirms its place in its market segment.

At the same time, according to the statistics released by China Passenger Vehicle Association, Chery Cowin again ascends to the top 4 best-selling economic sedans in China with a Chinese domestic sales volume of 7,948 units in June, 2008.

In July, with the ceremonious launch of 1.5L new Cowin in the Chinese market, the positioning of product portfolio of the Cowin series becomes clearer and more complete, thus better satisfying our numerous customers' needs for auto fuel economy. Outstanding fuel economy, strong power performance, plus bench-mark price help Cowin to become the sedan of best price performance, and accelerate Chery's step toward the leading trio.
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