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BEIJING (Reuters) - China, where vehicle exports have been doubling in recent years, is drawing up rules to improve quality control, the Commerce Ministry said on Wednesday.
Vehicle exports last year hit 173,000 -- mostly to developing countries -- surpassing imports for the first time. Together with spare parts shipments, the exports were worth $10.9 billion (5.7 billion pounds).
However, about 600 of 1,025 exporters sold fewer than 10 vehicles outside China last year.
"Some exporters couldn't ensure the quality and after-sales service ... affecting the reputation of China's auto industry," Commerce Ministry spokesman Chong Quan told reporters.

The ministry was drafting detailed regulations together with Customs and quality inspection bureaux, which would require exporters to get government designation first, Chong said.
The ministry had already listed 160 vehicle and spare parts manufacturers as the first group of designated exporting firms for the industry, including some foreign-invested ventures.
China has also chosen eight cities, including Shanghai, Tianjin and Xiamen, as automobile export zones to help its car makers push for overseas sales to maintain their rapid growth.
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