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Caracas, Aug 9 (Prensa Latina) The first lot of 38 Chinese automobiles exported to Venezuela were sold in Maracaibo out of 5,000 to be sold this year in Venezuela at 17.9 bolivares (over 8,300 dollars).

Elizabeth Virla, manager of Bejing Motors, told Panorama de Maracaibo daily of plans to sell the models Chery, Chana, Saic, Hafei, BYD and Wuling in a joint venture with Cinascar group.

Thanks to a license to sell in several countries they expect to sell 15 models, adding that a first lot of 38 vehicles was sold out and this months they expect to sale another 31.

The 5,000 car sale will give Cinascar 2.13 percent market shares along with expectation to introduce other models like trucks, buses and vehicles with automatic transmission systems.

The Chinese vehicles are being sold by sixteen companies in 10 cities, and there are plans to supply five models exclusively to the Venezuelan market

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what about the after sales support ?
I heard this group Cinascar is buying any available car out of China and getting the opportunity the vehicle industry is high in Venezuela this year (forecast to break record to 280.000 units/year).
So it looks agressive when you analyze just sales.

My point is: the first sales is done by the sales person. The 2nd and on are done by the aftersales and product suppoort !!!

So my question: what about the service and parts support ? How those news companies like Cinascar and Great Wall are handling parts and inventory ?
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