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China's chance to lead the World in Steam cars

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There is a magnificent opportunity for China to lead the world away from its dependence on oil and the pollution problems caused by fuel burning vehicles.
The answer is to utilise the current development of steam technology that is tried, tested and installed, in available production cars.
The Pritchard Steam engine is the answer - it is a proven design with far fewer parts than any internal combustion engine and provides better performance at lower cost and negligible pollution.
For anyone interested go to the web page
This is an opportunity that China is in a position to capitalise on and, one they really can't afford to miss.
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WuzhengNA said:
Somebody, think this thru....

Something must create the steam. Use gas, and you have a less efficient total system that still polutes.

Diesel, same.

Use Propane to make the steam to run the car? Why not just use propane powered engines to reduce emissions, skip the steam step (which would deliver fewer advantages than than just burning propane in an I.C.E.). So just burn Propane in an engine - all the advantages, less chance of explosive scalding.

Oh. Wait. That has been done already.

This is NGH technology - Never Gonna Happen
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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