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China's home brands cars account for 27 pct of total sales

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China's home brands cars account for 27 pct of total sales
Updated: 2007-10-31 11:27

BEIJING - Chinese automakers sold 940,300 cars with their own brands in the first three quarters of this year, or 27 percent of the country's total car sales, sources with the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said on Tuesday.

Sales of the top 10 home brands, including QQ, Xiali, F3 and A520, amounted to 683,300 cars, or 73 percent of the total sales of home brands cars, for the nine months.

Earlier reports said between January and September, 4.58 million passenger vehicles were sold nationwide, up 23.84 percent on the same period of last year.

The figure included 3.44 million cars, up 25.76 percent, 251,700 sports-utility vehicles, up 51.7 percent, and 165,300 multi-purpose vehicles, up 20.75 percent
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good stuff that its over 1 quarter of sales...would be amazing if could reach 30-40%
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