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China's influence now extends from Australia to Africa

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China's economic growth is giving rise to a shift in its balance of power

China has stepped up its political and diplomatic presence, notably in Africa

If China's growth continues, its consumer market will be second largest by 2015

It is predicted China could become the world's largest economy in 2027 :)
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I 100% agree..China is moving incredibly fast...and I believe better days for China are just around the corner..way earlier than 2027!
china influence will hit the whole world soon!
as US becomes weaker, you will notice the shift with China.
The sooner the better. We're tired of being in the spotlight.
Hey, BigFatGuy...what kind of mpg do you get in that '91 Firebird?
Rally Red Lancer GTS said:
Hey, BigFatGuy...what kind of mpg do you get in that '91 Firebird?
Lets just go with bad. ;)
Stock it had about 22 mpg on the highway, and noticeably worse in the city. Now its probably down to about 15 or 16, but the grins per mile are way up. :D
I'll bet! Kudos to you for keeping it running and reminding us Americans of our muscle-car past.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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