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Chinese auto brands analysis

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Chinese auto brands analysis

China's such a big country, the current economic status is to enter the world as early as seven. China's auto industry produced 4.4 million motor vehicles in 2003, who has become the world's fourth largest car producer. But China has not a world-renowned automotive brand at all, which is not match the economic status today. None of our car brands is a worldwide brand, even the worst of our brands in the domestic influence is so limited, the current domestic auto market is further being swallowed by foreign car manufacturers. Here, mainly analysis the current status of the own brand and how to create a big global brands.

Some scholars believe that the brand can be sustained much longer than the company's specific products, they recognized that brand is a more long-term company's principal assets. Therefore, when our country is making famous in the automotive brand, we should look at the world, and we should have the global automotive brand Daizo strategic vision and courage.

20 years ago, the idea that was to use the domestic market to exchange for advanced technology, so that China's national automotive industry to catch up with international advanced level. After 20 years, China has finally produced the world's third largest automobile market, the number of National Automobile self-made business has grown up from more than 10 to over 120, auto industry become one of the important industry for stimulating national economic development. China's own brand car did not move toward the world only, but also lost most of the domestic market. China Steam brand has fallen into a "marginalized", "de-China" dilemma!.

Look from the latest Chinese automobile and world-renowned automobile brand value rankings In 2004, the top three of Chinese automobile brand value is: monoxide (28.978 billion yuan), SAIC (18.389 billion yuan), Dongfeng (8,945,000,000 yuan ). the top three of World-renowned automobile brand value: Toyota (22.67 billion U.S. dollars), Mercedes (21.33 billion U.S. dollars), BMW (15.886 billion U.S. dollars). We can see that the Chinese auto brand value is far below the world-renowned brand through the comparison above, there’s a difference of disparity. Therefore, there is still a long way to go for creating China's own brand car world.

The disadvantaged of own brand has attracted wide attention, but most concern is the intellectual property rights with Chinese trademarks, not the concerns and thinking for brand value. this is an important reason for China's auto enterprises to ignored or even give up their own brands. At present, the introduction of CIS corporate identity system is not few, but the introduction of BIS brand identity Strategy is extremely scarce.

But unfortunately, like Chery, Geely, Great Wall these emerging domestic car companies,while they are creating their own brands, they profoundly awareness the importance of brand strategy. Because it is original, they can create a new brand freely, which is favorable conditions that state-owned conglomerates and joint ventures do not have. However, they also face their own problems, the product is too new, yet to be market and customer testing. If people quickly forgotten as yolio and qiyun such products, don’t they understand the brand? If the product does not exist for a long time value, it is not brand strategy.

But now, many manufacturers are also feeling somewhat helpless when they insist on support of self-developed own-brand. Self-development is currently facing some of the biggest problem: First, there are not much support from state’s policies; the second: It is now many companies did not dare to talk about self-development, but not a lack of sense of responsibility, the reasons also due to appraisal system and accounting system. Third, at present, China's consumer culture, consumer psychology and consumer concept have malformations, for example, many consumers do not want to see Chinese characters on cars, it is necessary to know that the characters in the land of China is not a shame.

In short, it should not be so anxious in the development of own national brand of motor vehicles. This requires the generation or even the next generation efforts. Although own well-known brands still has a long way to go, I believe China will have an even number of world-class well-known car brands in the near future.

I am not so good at English, correct my big mistakes please.
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