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Re: china driver license for foreigners in china

The only legal way to obtain a valid license is to sit for the exam which is filmed via CCTV at the desk top, overhead, and sometimes behind you depending on the city. If you ever have an accident in China or any other driver-related drama and the police or the courts pull your DMV had better be you sitting in front of that exam computer.

Do it the right way, the legal way, or not at all.
Any agency anywhere in China claiming that they can somehow bypass everything or that you don't even need to show up for the exam is illegal. Ask ANY traffic cop.

I can just see some poor bastard going in to verify his or her license as being valid after some backdoor connection using an illegal agent in-house issued them a "license".

The reason China has cracked down on the driver's license exam is to prevent fraud and to increase SAFETY.

Don't be stupid.
Driving in China is dangerous enough without the added worry of operating illegally.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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