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I have recently noticed a renewed interest that Chinese automakers have in the US market. Round 1 would be back around 2007 when everybody wanted to launch in US. Here's a started list of who wants to export this time:
  • GAC: I believe GAC started attending US auto shows with the Trumpchi brand since 2018 or 2019
  • Lynk & Co: Wants to launch the 01 in 2022
  • SAIC: Wants to launch the Maxus T70 in 2022
  • Nio: Will launch here and in other countries by 2025
  • Imperium: Imperium will begin selling Skyworths, Jonways, and ZX Autos starting in 2022
  • BYD bus: BYD already has EV busses in the US, and are continuing to add busses
  • ELMS: Selling Chinese EV microvans
  • Xpeng: Will launch the P5 after European stops after 2022
Please add to the list if you have any information.
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