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Chinese Car of the Year 2011

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Candidates for the 2011 car of the year in China are as follows:

* Audi Q5
* BMW 5 series
* Brilliance BS4
* Buick Excelle XT
* Buick Excelle GT
* BYD G3
* BYD L3
* BYD M6
* Chang'an Yue Xiang
* Chang'an CX30
* Chang'an BenBen Mini
* Chery Cowin1
* Chery Fulwin2
* Chery A3
* Chery Tiggo3
* Chevrolet Sail
* Chevrolet Sail Sedán
* Citroën C5
* DFM JingYi
* Dongfeng H30
* Dongfeng Shuai MPV
* Europestar L3
* Europestar L3 sedan
* FAW Xiali N5
* FAW Xiali V2
* Great Wall Phenom
* Great Wall Florid Cross
* Great Wall Voleex C30
* Great Wall Hover M2
* Great Wall V80
* Haima M1
* Haima2
* Haima S7
* Huatai T9
* Hyundai Verna
* Hyundai ix35
* JAC B15
* Kia Soul
* Mazda6
* Mercedes Clase E
* Mercedes Viano
* Mitsubishi Zinger
* MG6
* Nissan Micra
* Nissan NV200
* Peugeot 408
* Rely X5
* Rely H5
* Riich G5
* Riich X1
* Roewe 350
* Skoda Octavia RS
* Toyota Reiz
* Toyota Crown
* Toyota Prado
* VW Jetta
* VW Golf GTI
* VW Magotan CC
* VW Tiguan
* Wuling Hongguang

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Why so many? I think there's only 10 cars competing for the title in Europe... I'd vote for the Nissan Micra, because it's a no-nonsense car with good engineering behind it. Runner-up, the Haima 2 C-Sport because I like its design.
daewoo-chevrolet said:
In Europe there were 41 candidates and the jury chose the seven nominees (Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Citroën C3/DS3, Dacia Duster, Ford (Grand) C-MAX), Nissan Leaf, Opel Meriva and Volvo S60/V60).
Few people give any importance to the list of candidates, of course, I was referring to the list of nominees.

Is there something like this in China? Is that long list a list of nominees or something else?

I just got the release that the Honda CR-Z is car of the year in Japan, that's a great car, I hope it will be available in China soon.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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