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Chinese Car of the Year 2011

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Candidates for the 2011 car of the year in China are as follows:

* Audi Q5
* BMW 5 series
* Brilliance BS4
* Buick Excelle XT
* Buick Excelle GT
* BYD G3
* BYD L3
* BYD M6
* Chang'an Yue Xiang
* Chang'an CX30
* Chang'an BenBen Mini
* Chery Cowin1
* Chery Fulwin2
* Chery A3
* Chery Tiggo3
* Chevrolet Sail
* Chevrolet Sail Sedán
* Citroën C5
* DFM JingYi
* Dongfeng H30
* Dongfeng Shuai MPV
* Europestar L3
* Europestar L3 sedan
* FAW Xiali N5
* FAW Xiali V2
* Great Wall Phenom
* Great Wall Florid Cross
* Great Wall Voleex C30
* Great Wall Hover M2
* Great Wall V80
* Haima M1
* Haima2
* Haima S7
* Huatai T9
* Hyundai Verna
* Hyundai ix35
* JAC B15
* Kia Soul
* Mazda6
* Mercedes Clase E
* Mercedes Viano
* Mitsubishi Zinger
* MG6
* Nissan Micra
* Nissan NV200
* Peugeot 408
* Rely X5
* Rely H5
* Riich G5
* Riich X1
* Roewe 350
* Skoda Octavia RS
* Toyota Reiz
* Toyota Crown
* Toyota Prado
* VW Jetta
* VW Golf GTI
* VW Magotan CC
* VW Tiguan
* Wuling Hongguang

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In Europe there were 41 candidates and the jury chose the seven nominees (Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Citroën C3/DS3, Dacia Duster, Ford (Grand) C-MAX), Nissan Leaf, Opel Meriva and Volvo S60/V60).

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is an enthusiast driver's car. It has a 168 hp MultiAir Turbo engine and different driving settings built in to enhance the hold you need for the turns you're in, sport tune option (right in the option package, no extra charge for this) and so on. Bluetooth, NAV, Bose stereo, etc.

I configured a Veloce model, which has some extra things like red stitching in the black leather interior, and it came to about $21,995 in USD. Chrysler is importing the Alfa Romeo Giulietta to America to meet Federal gas mileage standards for 2015. It will be built as a Dodge at Chrysler's Belvidere, IL assembly plant, and go on sale in Nov. 2011. I plan on test driving one for sure. Great little hatchback from Alfa Romeo, said to be by UK car writers to be the best Alfa Romeo in their 100 year history of making Italian sports cars. I have decided that my next car will either be a Scion FR-S or a Dodge Giulietta. Dodge will rename the car something other than Giulietta but it is being written that they will leave the Giulietta body and underpinnings and mechanicals the same. This is going to be nothing short of a great sports car and I don't wanna wait for the next model year for it. I'll only need ta wait till Nov.'11 for it. Chrysler and Fiat are already making great music together, much like the best rock band in history, Foghat.

2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta
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