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Chinese Car/Truck/MotorCycle Manufacturers that should get own Sub-Forum

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Hi CCF Members,

It is almost 2008 and we should re-evaluate which manufacturers should get their own thread based on the aggressive manufacturers that are consistenly growing and moving overseas. Last time we checked in 2006/2007 and the current manufacturers are mixed with growing ones like chery geely and gwm and some slow ones like changfeng, byd and hafei.

Please post in this thread
1.the manufacturer that should get its own sub-forum
2. 1 reason why (example: they starting exporting to Ukraine, Pakistan etc)

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Request JAC taking over the JI'AO section

Im just gonna put it out there once more: Theres absolutley no reason GONOW should get its own forum. Listen, even GWM and ZX cant survive on just generic SUV's anymore and thats understood. GWM is putting out a mpv and ZX is doing something, so they have reason to keep theres. But GONOW really is just as useless as Dadi or Tianma; at least Tianma has the Hero.

JAC, on the other hand, is a renown company in teh Truck field, but is also an international organization and, most importantly, has a lineup worthy of its own forum. We did it with Zotye and they dont even really have anything. I say JAC should take this space and GONOW has got to go
I would put a sales figure as a criteria. I guess that any manufacturer selling more than 100,000 cars a year deserves its own sub -forum.
yes, defenitly.
china has established its position in car manufacturing and is exporting the vehicles all over the world.The vehicles are good to drive and up to date.
Beijing Automotive Industry Holding - has joint-ventures with Mercedes, Chrysler, Hyundai and also assembles Mitsubishi cars. Sub-forum could be made for BAW.

2.) Changhe - has JV with Suzuki and is expanding its lineup with interesting models such as Ideal or Landy.

3.) Polarsun - In my oppinion very ambitious company

4.) Soueast (South East) - they have interesting lineup and have signed agreement with Dodge to produce Delica for Mexican market.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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