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Chinese cars abroad

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Higer bus

Polarsun mini vans


King Long –bus




Chang'an -minivans and pick-ups assembled since 1998



King Long -bus




Zonda bus


Heibao –electric car



Great Wall

Shanghai-GM Chevrolet Corsa Sail


Great Wall

Tianjin Huali -minibus

Costa Rica:


Great Wall


Yutong bus


Chongqing-Chang’an –light trucks


JAC –light trucks


Great Wall


Brilliance Zunchi (Galena) assembled since April 2006

BYD Flyer

Changhe CH6321, CH6328, CH1011 and CH1012 assembled and sold under a name "Mod Car Panda".

Chery (assembly plant since 2006). Models; Speranza A 516 and A 620 (Easter)

FAW Xiali N3 and FAW Angel (Happy Emissary) made in Egypt since 2006.


Heibao –pickups

JAC -buses assembled by a company "Mod Car"

Shanghai Maple

Soueast Lioncel (Lancer)

Tianjin Huali –minibus


Zhongxing (assembly plant since 2003)

Zotye Terios

El Salvador:

Great Wall


Lifan assembly plant




Great Wall


Great Wall


King Long -buses


Chang'an -miivans and pickups assembled since 2001.


Chery QQ made in Iran

Great Wall assembly since 2004


Changzhou –bus

King Long –bus

Shaanxi –heavy duty trucks


Gonow SUV and pickup

Great Wall Hover and Deer since 2006.


Tianqi Meiya


Foton –light trucks


King Long -bus


Baoding Dadi made under license by LMG company

Chery (assembly plant since 2006)

Dongfeng –trucks


Zhongxing (assembly plant)


King Long -bus


Chang'an -minivans and pickups assembled since 2001


The Netherlands:

Jiangling Landwind ?


Great Wall


Great Wall assembly plant since 2004

North Korea:

Brilliance Junjie (Pyeonghwa Hwiparam II), assembled by Pyeonghwa

Jinbei Granse (Pyeonghwa Samchulri), assembled by Pyeonghwa

Shuguang SUV (Pyeonghwa Ppeokkugi II), Pick-up (Ppeokkugi III or Premio) and 5-seat 4wd SUV (Pronto, 2005- ) built in North-Korea since 2004.


Beijing-Jeep made under name “Adam Boltoro” since 2006.

Chang’an SC1010C (Karakoram Gilgit), SC1016 (Kalash), SC6372 (Kalam), SC6390H (Kanghan) and SC1022 (Chitral) made in Pakistan since 2005.



Mudan trucks assembled with a product name “Zabardast”.

Zhongxing (assembly plant)


Great Wall


Great Wall

Shaanxi –heavy duty trucks





Foton -light trucks

Golden Dragon -bus



JAC -light trucks

King Long -buses

Nanjing Yuejin

Shangdong KAMA -light trucks

Wuling-GM -minibus

Yuejin light trucks

Puerto Rico:



Tianqi Meiya


Tianqi Meiya


Baoding Dadi BDD6491 assembled and sold as Derways 313120 "Shuttle" in Russia since 2005.

BAW Land King (BJ2032), Reach CUV (BJ2025), Hiace (BJ6490) and Luling (BJ1021).

BYD Flyer


Dongfeng –trucks

FAW –heavy duty trucks

FAW-Hongta Happy Emissary –MPV

FAW-Jilin –small pickups

Foton –light trucks and Foton Alpha –van

Fuqi 6500 Huaxiang


Golden Dragon –bus

Great Wall –pickups assembled since 2006

Hafei Lobo (Brio) and Saima (Sigma)

Nanjing Yuejin –light trucks

Soueast (all models)

Tianma FengChi KZ6490E (Century)

Xinkai exported 400 cars to Russia in 2005. Exports now halted (?).

Zhongxing –pickups and SUV’s (assembly plant since 2005)


Changzhou -bus


Chongqing-Chang’an -light trucks

King Long –buses

Tianqi Meiya




King Long -buses



Chang'an mini trucks

Chongqing-Chang'an light trucks

CNHTC –heavy duty trucks


FAW + FAW trucks





Great Wall

Hafei branded as CAM - IIRC




King Long –bus

Tianqi Meiya



Changzhou –bus




Chang'an -minivan (Ozaltin Platin) and pick-up (Ozaltin Silver) made under license since 2001.


Zhongxing -pickup (Ozaltin Gold) made under license since 2000/2001


Chery (assembly plant since 2006)

FAW Weizhi production starts in Ukraine.

Zhongxing (assembly plant since 2006)

United Kingdom:

Nanjing Yuejin –light trucks

United States:

FAW-Hongta Happy Emissary electric car sold as “ZX40” by Miles Automotive.


Jiangling Landwind

Tianjin Huali -minibus


Foton –light trucks





Great Wall



Yutong bus


Chang'an (assembly plant since 2003)

CNHTC (Sinotruk) heavy duty trucks

Zhongxing (assembly plant since 2004)


Tianqi Meiya


Let's keep this thread up-to-date whenever new information comes !!
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But so far, no 'homegrown' Chinese car company has entered the U.S. market to sell their own engineered vehicles here.
Technically, BYD is currently selling and producing electric busses and trucks in the US. BYD has a office in Los Angeles and a factory in Lancaster. They have donated or possibly just gave the Los Angeles Housing Authority at least 4 BYD F3DM in 2010.
Car Automotive parking light Wheel Vehicle registration plate Vehicle

Bus Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Truck
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Nord Automobiles from Nigeria is selling many Chinese vehicles. Great find Chinese LSEV!
Nord Motion – Africa’s premier automobile corporation
Nord (@nordmotion) • Instagram photos and videos

The last two vehicles are so ugly! The company name is way too big😱
The Old Hongqis Abroad (thanks to @erik (laofan) cmvdc for his extensive reaserch!!)

16 cars:
  • USA: 5
  • Japan: 2
  • France, Germany, Switzerland, San Marino, Rumania, Hong Kong, and South Korea: 1
Starting with USA

New York: 1966 Hongqi CA72. Bought from the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade in 1988.
Vehicle Car Wheel Window Tire

Blackhawk Auto Museum (California): 1967 Hongqi CA770. Acquired from the Sanhe Classic Car Restoration Company in Chengdu in 2008. I saw this car in December 2021.
Tire Car Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle

Auto Collections (Las Vegas, Nevada): 1974 Hongqi CA770. Own it since 2013.
Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

Wandering United States: 1978 Hongqi CA770. It's owned by an entrepreneur from Shijiazhuang in Hebei Province. He lent the car to Jay Leno, and was featured in April 2016. The car is bearing its original Chinese license, ‘Hebei A- E7088’.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Car

Petersen Museum (California): 1979 Hongqi CA770. The car was shipped from China by the director of a Chinese Trade Mission to Oakland in 1989. It was then donated to Towe Museum (also in California) and then sold to Petersen Museum.
Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle

Onto Japan

Motor Car Museum of Japan (Komatsu): 1967 Hongqi CA770.
Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Tire Wheel

Toyota Museum (Aichi): 1968 Hongqi CA770. It was bought in 1970.
Car Vehicle Land vehicle Automotive parking light Vehicle registration plate

Other countries

Rumania: 1966 Hongqi CA72. This car is in private hands in Constanta, Rumania. The (unconfirmed) story is that the car was a gift from Chairman Mao to the Rumanian leader Ceausescu.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Land vehicle

Hong Kong: 1974 Hongqi CA770. It entered Hong Kong in 2007 completely restored and converted to right hand steering. Originally only one Hongqi was made with right hand steering, by the Shenzhen sub-factory of FAW in 1987, the car named CA770C.
Clothing Tire Wheel Car Vehicle

Switzerland: 1974 Hongqi CA773.
Clothing Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle

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Musée Nationale de l’Automobile (Mulhouse): 1976 Hongqi CA770. Gifted in 2014 because of 50 years diplomatic relations with France.
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

AHA Automotive Technologies Corporation (Canada): [unknown year] Hongqi CA770. The manufacturer of limousines got this car and fitted it with a Chevrolet 5.7-litre V8. AHA went bankrupt in 1989, and it's unsure what happened to the car.
Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Vehicle Car

Many places in Wolfsburg: [unknown year] Hongqi CA770. Started as a gift to the Volkswagen chairman in Wolfsburg. It had a short period of exhibition in the Volkswagen Museum in Wolfsburg, then the car disappeared. According VW it was damaged by buglers in 2004. The car is now owned by Autostadt, also in Wolfsburg.
Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Tire

Samsung Transportation Museum (South Korea): [unknown year] Hongqi CA770 Long Wheelbase. It's a 8-meter long limo aquired in 1994. Before, the car was seen in the streets of Changchun.
Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Vehicle Land vehicle

San Marino: [unknown year] Hongqi CA770. The captain regent of San Marino made many exchange travels to China. He is president of the San Marino-China Friendship Association. In 2009 he was gifted a CA770, licensed in Beijing as ‘Jing A-12345’.
Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Land vehicle Vehicle registration plate

Oldtimer club (Albania): [unknown year] Hongqi CA770. Only knowledge of this car is November 2019.
Car Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Land vehicle

Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea, USA Camp Kitty Hawk: [unknown year and model]. Taken in 1973.
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Tire

There is most likely more out there. Again, this was made possible by Erik!

The Hongqis abroad. | ChinaCarHistory
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BYD has a service station in San Carlos, California. Looking on Street View, I can see a BYD e6 parked way back. However, there's a sign saying "private property" so it is unlikely that I will go here.
Property Car Sky Road surface Asphalt
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I may be mistaken about this, but this is a vehicle from the Russian company TagAZ, which has been mentioned on this forum before. The car is called TagAZ Hardy, and it looks like a Changan truck:
Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Automotive side-view mirror Vehicle

Changan truck (SC5031):
Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Automotive side-view mirror Vehicle

Отзывы владельцев ТагАЗ Харди
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The latest updates of Chinese cars in overseas markets...

SAIC and MG brand

In overseas markets, SAIC sold 697,000 units. 1 out of every 3 Chinese cars sold overseas are made by SAIC.
Cloud Tire Wheel Sky Land vehicle

At present, SAIC has 3 R&D offices: Silicon Valley, London, and Tel Aviv, and has production bases in Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Pakistan.

MG is the best selling brand of SAIC overseas. MG has entered 66 countries. MG EZS and MG One are among the best selling models.

Chery and the Tiggo family

Chery exported nearly 270,000 vehicles overseas in 2021. Chery is one of the earliest brands to go overseas, starting as early as 2001, with 10 Fengyun sedans to Syria.
Tire Car Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle

Chery has now entered about 80 countries. The Tiggo 8 PRO (Tiggo 8 PLUS domesticly) and the Tiggo 7 PRO (Tiggo 7 PLUS domesticly) are among the best selling models.

Great Wall and Haval

Great Wall sold 140,000 units overseas in 2021. In June 2021, Great Wall Rayong plant in Thailand was put into production. In January 2022, Great Wall aquired a plant in Brazil that will go into production in 2023.
Automotive parking light Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle

The Haval H6, H6 HEV, Jolion, Jolion HEV, and Dargo (Big Dog domesticly) are among the best selling models, as well as some Ora Cat models.


Geely's overseas sales reached 115,000 in 2021. Geely aquired Volvo in 2010, and is the largest shareholder of the Malaysian brand Proton.
Car Tire Vehicle Land vehicle Wheel

Using Proton, the models Proton X70 (Geely Boyue) and X50 (Geely Binyue) we're launched in Malaysia. Lynk & Co 01 is also a well selling car in Europe markets.
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La Jolla Golf Carts in San Diego area is selling various Chinese low speed vehicles and golf carts.

First, a catering car:
Wheel Tire Vehicle Plant Automotive tire

Appears to be a picture from Marshell Golf Carts, a Chinese golf cart maker. Model is DN-8FS.

Next, a shuttle bus:
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Vehicle

Pictures taken in San Diego. This vehicle seems to be made by Xiamen Dalle New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., and the model is DEL6141K.

Next, LSEV:
Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Hood

Wheel Tire Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting

Car Gear shift Motor vehicle Vehicle Steering part

This model is called the Evolution Revolution, by Evolution golf carts. Appears to be a rebadged Dayang Chok.

Cargo flatbed, obviously from China since Chinese writing is on front:
Tire Wheel Automotive side-view mirror Motor vehicle Vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design

These both also appears to be made by Marshell.


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There are many companies around the world that make copies or rebadges of Chinese LSEVs, mainly Jonway Urbee or Dayang Chok.

Speedways Electric from India is making the Emigo 2 and 2ex
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

Atomic Electric Vehicles from Florida is selling the Coupe, Ion and Ion XL, and the Truck
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle White

Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Photograph

Tire Wheel Vehicle Hood Automotive tire

Fumero Green Motors from Costa Rica is selling the E-Tricycle (by NENGZHONG), as well as multiple Dayang products.
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Gudi from Japan is selling the Guddy
Tire Automotive side-view mirror Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle

Ecocar from Greece is selling the Ecocar, Ecocar Pickup, and Ecocar Van
Wheel Tire Car Automotive side-view mirror Vehicle

Automotive side-view mirror Tire Vehicle Wheel Hood

Wheel Tire Automotive side-view mirror Vehicle Automotive tire

Ari from Germany is selling the Ari 458, Ari 252, Ari 901
Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Vehicle Hood

Automotive parking light Tire Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Wheel

Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Automotive side-view mirror Vehicle
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Two more companies today, first one is called eTrike Co, from Florida. They are selling a couple models that I believe are from Jonway:
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Wheel Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Car

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive parking light Car

And then E-Motion from Egypt.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Toy

Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Land vehicle Car

Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Window Vehicle

Fire Truck:
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

Garbage Truck:
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle

Spray Truck:
Wheel Tire Truck Motor vehicle Vehicle
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Invicta Electric from Spain is selling the Zhidou D2S as the D2S, a Jiayuan LSEV as the Eidola, a Lichi A01 like LSEV as the Epica.
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Window Vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

The Cenntro Metro is sold as the Metro, and an unknown vehicle called the Orca.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Van

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive lighting
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Latest bunch of generic chinese-like LSEVs in the US
Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

This red one is the only one I recognize, made by a company called Eco3.Energy
Car Vehicle Tire Wheel Cloud

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Van

Car Wheel Land vehicle Automotive side-view mirror Jeans

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Sky Automotive side marker light
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We have already encountered Innoson on this Forum. The Dubai-based Stallion Group is the biggest assembler in Nigeria, and they make Chinese as well as non-Chinese (Hyundai, Nissan, VW, Honda for example) brands of vehicles. Their own-brand light vehicle, the Stallion Force, is a renamed Jinbei Dalishen pickup.
Wheel Tire Automotive side-view mirror Vehicle Automotive parking light

Car Automotive parking light Vehicle Automotive side-view mirror Grille

Wheel Tire Vehicle Land vehicle Car

Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Truck

Stallion Motors introduces KYC special-purpose vehicles for MSMEs | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News
Stallion Introduces Locally Assembled, Commercial Vehicles for Nigerian SMEs - Motoring World Nigeria

MG models also produced in Nigeria

Automotive parking light Tire Vehicle registration plate Grille Car

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive side marker light

Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Wheel Tire

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire
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Lots of Chinsse cars at the AutoSalon Brussel 2023
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