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* Chinese cars in Morocco *

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During Casablanca Auto Expo :

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Nice pics. Can you write more about Chinese cars? Who is importing them, are they priced competitively,are they selling well,...

So, many chinese cars are selling in Morocco, like Chery QQ, Tiggo and A113 they have a litte success.

They have also Geely with : Zotye, the MK, CK, FC
Here the website of the Moroccan firm who sells these cars :

And some utility vehicules like : Jac & JMC trucks, Golden Dragon buses,
Foton Ollin :

But they don't have a big success here, because of taxes on the asian products the rate is about 27,5%.
And we have a local product who have the cheaper price in the market, it's the Logan & the Sandero because they are product here. It's a best seller, she's ranking the first place on the auto market every month/year.

A Chery A113 cost 95.000Dhs = 9.600€ (local money here is dirhams for example 10dhs = 1,1€).
The first price of a Logan is 72.200dhs = 7.300€
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Chery Rabat

Some pics taken by me during my vacation, it's a brand new Chery dealer in Rabat the Moroccan capital.

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I didn't know Chery is already in Maroc........good pictures!
How about the showroom in your country?
Thank you for your pictures,hehe.
do you know the name of greatwall motor distributor in morroco?
and its website ?
You're welcom guys ;)

Madiva is the name of the great wall motor distributor in Morocco, they don't have any website : what a shame...

Some news :

Premium auto has introduced Geely Kandi (panda) & Geely MK2 they also want to import EC718 (she's beautiful imo)

And also the Zotye nomade 2010

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Mon ami marocain, 90 000 Dirhams pour une petite citadine comme Kandi???? ça fait un peu cher, non?
Tiggo said:
Mon ami marocain, 90 000 Dirhams pour une petite citadine comme Kandi???? ça fait un peu cher, non?
Cher confrere Français (je suis franco-marocain ;)), je suis tout à fait d'accord avec toi, ce prix est vraiment exageré 9000€... surtout comparé à ceux de Logan/Sandero. Ce qui explique l'echec des voitures chinoises au Maroc, au premier trimestre il s'est vendu, à peine 120 véhicules chinois en baisse de 44% par rapport à l'an dernier c'est dire :rolleyes:

Par contre le Tiggo, est vraiment très demandé car là le prix est imbattable 170000dhs (enfin avec l'arrivée du Duster bye bye) il y en a quelque uns sur le marché de l'occasion :

Ca se négocie aux alentours de 110.000dhs pour 50/60.000kms
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Elya could you introduce the truck market of Morocco? we are a light truck manufacture in China, we want to open Morocco market.

Shandong Tangjun Ouling Automobile Manufacture CO.,LTD.
[email protected]
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