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Chinese cars in Russia

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Chinese trucks in Russia. China is well known as they produce copies of all about the car you are in the world. Low price for what they get any market. In Russia there are already countless. The quality of weak, but also Russians say in their price, they do not mind. Year of operation holds, and then breaking up. From that year on the car yourself and still earn a profit. Otherwise, those Chinese cars in Russia, some service not last even half a year of operation. Have a great popularity of catching fire, so some top in the very first month of operation. Then brakes. It can be calm state that one needs to brake, eventually stop, and a car without brakes. This most cars are doing HOWO copies Volvo. Cabins are thin as paper, so after three months of the shaking, the car blows seals Zandi, or miserable. Body large ram the car but thin, weak, so the tilting of the ground state from the front axle with the cab on the floor and behind the gutter to ram ass with SH and inversions. So China is China. (google translator) :nono:
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ok...a man who write this is complete idiot, howo work with volvo from 2004 year and have joint venture bussines with them, so firstly he should now much more about chinese truck industry to write such stupid comments about it, in russia there is many other brands of truck as well, foton, baw, faw, dongfeng and other, i have many talks with real owners of those trucks and mainly they are satisfied with price and quality which they get

i am sure that this person will be suprised if he have money and time to see new truck show in china, to meet all new quality trucks live...then he will have much better opinion about it, dongfeng have a quality identical like nissan or renault truck, engines are also used cummins of renault-nissan DCI engine, foton have strong partnerships with mercedes, and even ms. angela merkel came to china to sign this contract, faw is one of the most strongest commercial company in china, howo is top partner of volvo, some other company make iveco trucks as this what this genetelman write about chinese not stupid, it's stupid as hell!!!

also one more thing is quite intesting, during all my visits in china i saw so many truck there, work every day, esepcially in shanghai, bejiing and other tows where economic is strong and they build something every day, new buildings, new roads and other....almost everyday those trucks have such hard usage, and it's good for chinese people, but for one stupid person it isn't he saw some truck from one bad owner and that's "real quality" of chinese trucks, so stupid....the same was with landwind when they fail the crash test, all media write that chinese cars are bad...but none of them didn't write a brand, type of vehicle nothing, it will be good that those persons are more specific about that what they are writing, especially brand, type, year of truck and other, it's not good to write chinese truck...if we say chinese truck---it's almost 5000 models of trucks, so we need to be more specific about it, so by my opinion this upper comment is stupid, because when he write that howo copy volvo truck he only prove that he don't know nothing about howo and their bussines and trucks which they make
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Toyota has problems,and no automanufacter can say his product is perfect.The person who said that is over reacted,maybe you have justed used one car which is from China,but i think the dealer can help to solve the probelm.However,you say the whole Chinese cars are bad which i don't agree.As indeed,Chinese cars are becoming stronger and stronger,Chinese cars are definetely to be the top of the top in future years.
This simply meeting on nature
This seems that Chinese cars are very popular in Russia. Chinese companies are able to make good product they just need good branding.
Jetour is a new ambitious player in the car market of Kazakhstan
The Allur automobile company and the Jetour brand have signed a strategic agreement to start production of Jetour cars in Kazakhstan. At the domestic enterprise in Kostanay, the production of Jetour cars has begun.
Now four models are assembled there: X70, X70 Plus, X90 Plus and X1. As expected, in May, these cars should appear on sale
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