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While I dislike Ash(posing as I_Hate_China)'s violation of our agreement(he agreed to not add or make stuffs up in addition to what I posted), Chinese cars do face a problem.


Hyundai Excel(Circa 1985)
- Up to Date Mitsubishi Engineering
- Up to Date Mitsubishi Engine
- A pricing some 20% less than comparable Japan-assembled vehicles.
- Minimal crash and emissions requirement.
- Sold by a $60 billion a year corporate giant.

Geely CK(Circa 2008)
- Out of Date Daewoo Chassis
- Out of Date Polluting Engine
- Pricing identical to Toyotas.
- Tough crash test requirements that Ferrari flunked and Emissions test made Audi cry with its TT.
- Sold by a small player with poor finance.

Chery A50(Circa 2008)
- Out of Date Seat Toledo Chassis(90s engineering).
- New engine designed by somebody else and rather low in torque and HP. Unknown reliability.
- Pricing exceeding Toyota Camrys.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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