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pokershark said:
The only thing in their way is time, otherwise they have everything under control and to their advantage
There are still some major issues in the way of Chinese cars becoming a major force in the USA. Image issues will be a huge obstacle to overcome. Chinese cars are already building up a reputation for being very unsafe. The average American buyer would rather put a little more money down for a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla that they know will be safe and reliable then take a risk on an inexpensive Chinese car.

There is also the issue of intellectual property. Other countries might let Chinese car companies get away with copying ideas from Honda, BMW, Audi, etc. but it will be alot harder to get away with in America.

I wouldn't expect much early success from Chinese makers in America; it took Honda, Toyota, and Nissan a long time to build up a positive brand image in America. Other then the newer Sonata and Azera, Korean cars are still looked down upon by most Americans as being sub-par automobiles.
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