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Chinese cheapest cars

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List of ten cheapest cars available in China:

Shandong Binzhou Pride/Pulaide (19 800 yuan - 2 630 USD):

Geely Mei Ri (29 900 yuan - 3 980 USD):

Chery QQ3 (30 000 yuan - 3 990 USD):

Xiali N3 (30 000 yuan - 3 990 USD):
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BYD Flyer (30 790 yuan - 4 100 USD):

Geely HQ (32 000 yuan - 4 260 USD):

Changan CV6 (Ben Ben) (35 000 yuan - 4 650 USD):

Shuanghuan Little Noble (36 000 yuan - 4 790 USD):
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SMA 205 AA (39 999 yuan - 5 320 USD - 3 730 EUR):

Hafei Lobo (40 000 yuan - 5 320 USD - 3 730 EUR):
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I totally forgot because I had to break one news into three separate posts.

Could somebody inform the right e-mil address for "Shuanghuan". E-mail address in their website don't work.
The infamous Shandong Binzhou Pride found by Erik...

Is it still produced?

Somebody get me the Eriksign!
Hello Joest, I doubt if the Pride Mini (Daewoo Tico) was ever made in serial production by this totally unknown factory. I will visit a number of factories in Shandong province next April, I will check this one in Binzhou.

In the list of cheap cars, I miss the Jiangnan Alto (23.800 yuan). That one is surely producing (December: 888 units).
Greetings and happy new year for all of you!!
Actually, the Jiangnan was discontinued when Zotye bought the company (which was apparently bankrupted after trying to launch their own sedan.) Zotye thaught about using the former Jiangnan facility in order to built the Lancia Lybra.

Nontheless, they started again the production line of this Alto-based hatchback.

I made an article about it (in French):

By the way, Erik, I read that back in the 80s, Jiangbei (whose car operation were later bought by Jiangnan) made a copy of a Fiat 126. Have you ever heard about it?

Dear Mr. Erik, Mr. Joest, and Mr.Martin_krpan

Could you inform me e-mail address for Shuanghuan Auto?
Hello dilshod. On following link you will find some contact e-mail addresses and telephone numbers for China:

If you live in Europe you can try to contact their official importer Martin Motors:

Their is also a subforum about Shuanghuan Auto at CCF where you can find interesting articles about their cars and other news:


martin_krpan said:
SMA 205 AA (39 999 yuan - 5 320 USD - 3 730 EUR):

Hafei Lobo (40 000 yuan - 5 320 USD - 3 730 EUR):

Martin, I'm surprised at you..............the picture of the SMA 205 AA is wrong! That's actually a OLD Geely Mei re.........THIS is the SMA 205 (the white car). The other car (the blue one) is the CURRENT Mei re (MR). Also, prices for the current MR fit well within your "ten cheapest" price ranges - the entry level MR with a 1.05 liter engine is 31,999rmb and the top of the line 1.3 engine is 39,999 rmb (courtesy of the Geely website). I THINK the current price for the SMA 205 is now down to 36,999 rmb....I THINK!!!


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Forgot one thing...........

Oooops - one more thing! The current price of the Chery QQ611 (entry level model) is now 36,800 rmb..........this also fits within the price ranges of your "ten cheapest" list!! That list is also going to get more crowded soon - with the upcoming Chery QQ2 (starting WELL under 30,000 rmb), QQ5 (30-35,000 rmb) and the BYD F1 (I've read that the starting price is SUPPOSED to be 23,000 rmb - I think it will be more like 28-30,000 rmb).
back to your question, Joest. Yes, I have one photo of a Polski Fiat made by Jiangbei. The car is named Jiangbei JJ 710 and the picture is dated 1986/6/15. I suppose they have made only one, I never saw one in the streets.
In the streets I made pictures of a Meiluo JJ 7150 which is a KIA Sephia, a Meiluo JJ 7090 which is an Opel Corsa, a JJ 7080 Alto, a Shenjian JJ 7050 also named JJ 720 (Daihatsu Cuore/Subaru Jumbo). Yes, China has a rich car history....
Actually Erik, altough the Fiat 126 was made in Poland (just like today's Fiat 500), it's not a Polski-Fiat. The Polski-Fiat (also known as FSO) were original cars, based on Fiat 125. Daewoo later bought the company.

The manufacturer of the Fiat 126 was known as FSM.

Dear Sirs,

Does anybody know the contacts and e-mail address for Hongxing Auto? I think they are producer of :NOBLE::confused:

could somebody post a list of Chinese cheapest pickups ?

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