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BringIt said:
...What I find is Asia has superior drivers, by far.

If you don't think it takes some superhuman ability to go from point A to point B in massively chaotic traffic, pedestrians and bikes everwhere, terrible road conditions, then you're kidding yourselves.

Take a typical American driver and stick him/her into China's roads, he/she won't even be able to pull out of the drive way, much less tackle the crazy driving conditions.

Remember, in China, only extremely capable drivers get on the road. In the US, all people, good or bad at driving, are forced to get on the road because they have to - there's no other mode of transportation.

With that said, why is the death rate so much higher in China? Well, let's start with the horrible road conditions and the massive number of pedestrians and bikes. Then there's the lower safety equipments in the cars. And finally, probably the most important, is that the drivers don't obey traffic rules.

In summary, Chinese drivers are law breakers, not bad drivers (no driving skills).
They have traffic rules?

Although I usually hate your posts, you are actually correct on this one. Anyone who has ever driven in any country in Asia knows there is only one rule - there are absolutely no rules. It is the ultimate "everyone save yourself" driving mentality. It would be a blast, amusement wise, if it were not so deadly.
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