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I reside in Central Canada and travel extensive to the usa, europe and far east including china (hong kong) and have worked in telecom in saudi arabia.
Within canada, asian drivers get a reputation which they, in fact, earn. The poor driving extends to chinese, japanese and indian/pakistanis. The lack of experience couples with substandard vision and results in many accidents and fatalities on canadian hiways.
It is illegal for canadian automotive insurers to charge higher rates on the basis of race and it is illegal for police to maintain racial accident claim records or references--so not able to post actual statistics for deaths.
Practical experience has shown me that very few orientals (none?) drive cabs or delivery vans and i have never seen an oriental truck driver in north america.
To wit, n.america has a huge shortfall of highly paid truckers and major haulage companies have taken to recruiting retirees as drivers even though many oriental refugee claimants arrive daily and are willing to work for less than minimum wage.
I am saddened to admit that we have oriental driving disorder.
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