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There are no Chinese cars for sale in Finland but in other areas Chinese products are already present. Here are a few examples:

- Yuchai excavators (in 2005) 15 esite.pdf

- Janma tractors (in 2006)

(Janma and Yuchai machines are imported by same company.)

- Fude scooters

- Zoner scooters

- Sanili scooters

- Baotian scooters

- Zhongyu scooters

- Qingqi motor cycles

- Texas motor cycles

- Regal Raptor

- Jincheng motor cycles

Chinese scooter and motor cycles are selling like hot cakes.

- Jianshe ATV's and motor cross cycles

- Zongshen motor cross cycle

- Linhai ATV (All-terrain vehicle)

- Dinli ATV (All-terrain vehicle)

Too many makes to list :p

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AXLE said:
LOL! 2 cylinder 4 Kw! :nono:
I don't know if you have this type of vehicles in Australia but here it's called a moped car. Power is not so important because according to law it shouldn't go faster than 60km/h. And because it's a moped car a 15 year old can drive it on public roads. 2 cylinder engines are normally used and the noise inside is awful :nono:
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