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New Delhi, Dec 16 (ANI): One of the most popular ways for the Chinese to show off their wealth is to own one of more luxury and even ultra-expensive cars, including Rolls Royces and Maybachs.

As a result of the nation's booming economy, the number of people getting richer is increasing day by day, and hence, greater is the demand for these cars, offering rich pickings for the world's top luxury carmakers.

British brand Rolls Royce, owned by German carmaker BMW, said it expects to sell 70 Phantom vehicles this year in China, including Hong Kong, which will enable the world's most populous country to unseat Japan as the firm's No 3 single market after the United States and the United Kingdom, reported the China Daily.

On Thursday, Rolls Royce delivered its largest order yet 14 Phantoms to Sir Michael Kadoorie's Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.

According to the paper, in order to further boost its sales in China, the brand plans to add three dealerships in Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu. It now has one each in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Jenny Zheng, general manager of Rolls Royce Motor Cars Greater China, reportedly said: "China's thriving economy is creating very successful people in all business areas at a staggering pace. This is a big opportunity for us and other luxury car manufacturers. The more important thing is that our customers here are much younger than those in other markets."

According to her, Rolls Royce owners in China are on average more than 10 years younger than elsewhere.

Maybach, another ultra-luxury car brand, which is controlled by Mercedes Car Group, is too enjoying fast sales growth in China. A company spokeswoman in China, said: "Maybach's sales here will more than double this year from 2005," but she declined to reveal a specific figure. China is very close to one of Maybach's top five markets in the world."

To lure Chinese buyers, Maybach's 62 Special Edition made its global debut at last month's Beijing international auto show. The model retails in China for a cool one million dollars.

Maybach now has two exhibition and sales centres in Beijing and Shanghai. Wang said it is considering building a third centre in Guangzhou "in the near future". (ANI)
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