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Chinese motorbikes doing very good in Egypt now!

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China-made motorbikes made their debut in the Egyptian marketplace eight years ago. But in just under a decade, sales have grown rapidly.

Egypt's motorcycle market has seen rapid growth over the last few years. And Chinese exports are some of the best sellers on this market. Local auto dealers say most of the bikes they sell are made in China.

Some sellers have even seen their imports from China go up more more than 15 times, over a period of 8 years.

Egyptian auto dealer said:"I've been doing business with Chinese manufactures for 8 years now. Egyptians love Chinese motorbikes. Because they are good quality bikes, and come at prices that are very reasonable. "

"Those parts and that motorbike have just arrived from China. The quality is always reliable. And sales are usually good. We need to buy at least 10,000 motorbikes every month to meet our market demand. "

Chinese motorcycles made their debut on the Egyptian market just under a decade ago. But export volumes to Egypt have surged dramatically ever since. There are currently more than 2 million motorbikes on sale in Egypt, and at least half of these are made in China. And experts are already predicting a further expansion into the market by the end of this year.
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I am shocked Chinese Bikes are all over the country .Its very good to hear i always say they deserve that.
can you post pictures of chinese motorcycles in egypt?
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