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Chinese motorcycle company Koayeng begins production in Izmir

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Chinese Koayeng will begin assembling motorcycles in a plant in Izmir. The company will both overcome the tarrif barrier Turkey begin to implement in August and will export to Europe and Africa from here.


In an environment where many companies in the world invest in China because of the cost advantages, Chinese motorcycle producer Koayeng has decided to invest in Izmir. Levent Yücesan, the company's general manager in Turkey, declared that in the plant, constructed on 5,000 square meters of land in Kemalpaşa, they will begin putting motorcycles together on the assembly line in March.

The company, which has made investments in countries like Taiwan, the Philippines, the United States and Argentina, will invest $5 million in Kemalpaşa. It plans to assemble 75,000 motorcycles a year. Yücesan pointed out that Turkey was chosen because of its proximity to Europe and stressed the great potential of İzmir for assembly-production and exporting.

The first Chinese investment:

Aegean Region Chamber of Industry Board Manager Tamer Taşkın, noting the importance of the investment of a Chinese company in İzmir, pointed out that this is the first Chinese investment in the region. "The Chinese expect to enter the Turkish market and the markets of nearby countries through the plant in Kemalpaşa. In order to deliver their products more quickly, Turkey is an advantageous country," said Taşkın

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