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Chinese old car collections and museums

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Dear friends, I need some help: I made a car museum and collection page for my website. Here is the result. I hope you can help me to complete this list, and that you can add new links and collections.
Many thanks and greetings! Erik (Laofan).

Chinese car museums

This is a summary of classic car collections in China.

Beijing Area:

1. Beijing International Automotive Expo Center, including the Automuseum.
Huaxiang, Fengtai District
Under construction. Opening expected in 2010.
Here is a website about the architecture:

2. Beijing Bayi Film Studio Car Collection.
Guangnamen Liuliqiao.

3. Luo Wenyou Classic Car Museum.
Yangsong Huairou, Beijing Municipality.
Open for public since May 2009. About 160 cars, many of Chinese origin. Hugh Hongqi collection. Unique 10m based long wheelbase Hongqi limo. Cars are more or less restored, in minor condition.
Luo Wenyou's personal website:
Press announcements at the opening of the museum:
An overview of many exhibited models:

Shanghai Area:

4. Shanghai Auto Museum.
Anting, Shanghai Municipality.
Ope n since 2006, mainly the American Blackhawk collection. The collection contains about 70 cars.
Museum website:
Other interesting sites:,

5. SAIC Headquarters Car Collection.
A small collection of Made in Shanghai cars is exhibited in the SAIC Headquarters.

6. Shanghai Film Studio Car Collection.

7. Nanjing Auto Museum.
Jiangning Area.
Opening 2010. Here a website about the design: car museum.htm.

North China:

8. Changchun FAW Collection.
Exhibition hall filled with some famous FAW 'warehouse' vehicles. Nowadays some restored vehicles are exhibited. The 'warehouse'collection is an immense collection of Hongqi prototypes and other cars used for test purposes by FAW.
Some impressions:,[email protected],

9. Changchun International Automotive Museum.
Museum opened in 2007, looks like there are only car models and photos on display.
Here is more:

10. Dalian Classic Car Museum.
Owner Liu Xiangyang, about 150 cars in good condition. Interesting Beijing Jeep prototypes.
Here some info:,,

South China:

11. Sanhe Classic Car Museum.
Established in 2005 in Sanhe Automobile Park. Rebuilt classic ars, wonderful restored. Sanhe is specialised in Hongqi restoration.
Sanhe website:
About the restoration company:
The collection:|shlycfxfw&pagetitle.

12. Kunming Auto Museum.
Was shown at internet c.2003. Is now closed.

13. Emei Film Studio Car Collection.
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Hi Laofan:
I don't have much to contribute but I think you will like this website:
Perhaps you have already seen it.....
Hi Dragon and Martin, these are interesting links and you will find these cars in most of my books, but I meant especially that I am looking for links and comments on the museum and collections list. I hoped I missed a museum and that you can add it, or that there are more private collections. I know more Chinese (private) persons who have a car collection, but I am especially interested to make a list of those collections which are open to public.
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