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Chinese Pickup Van Truck Parts Service

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Dealer For Chinese Car Parts

If some friends need to deal & import more Qty of Chinese Car and Truck

Parts. We may help with freindly.

Welcome different country's markets dealer of these parts.

E-mail: [email protected]

Good wishes for Chinese Car Future.
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Re: Dealer For Chinese Car Parts

bro, u got any spareparts from Daihatsu..?
Re: Dealer For Chinese Car Parts

Australian importer Ateco is planning a low-cost assault on the local car market with the Chery range of cars from China, aiming to sign 140 dealers by the time the cars go on sale in the middle of 2009.
Re: Dealer For Chinese Car Parts

chiefenterprises01 said:
Thanks for the post!!! Also i need some dealers and manufacturer in China. I need some urgent auto parts for my concern. Also i need some quality parts and should be cheap.

There are quality auto parts at cheap prices in our online store, maybe some of them can meet with your taste and needs.
Re: Dealer For Chinese Car Parts

where can I find dealer list
Re: Dealer For Chinese Car Parts

and their location of course
As many years experiences for dealing chinese brand car. van. pickup. truck

parts subjects in local market.:p

So if some friends need my help to negotiate. Pls kindly contact me. ha ha.

We may become friends as same lover-chinese car as freinds-ship!:thumb:

Msn: [email protected]:lol:
Re: Dealer For Chinese Car Parts

for details help. pls contact me by email. of couse. I may try...
my company is special for chinese brand autoparts.

we all most of chinese car brand autoparts,we can suppy orignal autoparts.
we are most expert at chinese bus and truck spare parts.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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