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Today Ally of wrote an article about what Chinese would buy if the U.S. big three go into bankruptcy.

In the article he said the following:

.....50.37% of interviewees say they prefer a German brand car, 21.96% choose Chinese brand cars while another 20.62% will buy Japanese-brand cars. The remaining buyers go to South Korean and French brand cars.
I don't think that such a survey is valid. The reason is that when a Chinese buyer says that he or she prefers a Japanese car, it might be misunderstood as being unpatriotic, considering the prevailing negative attitude toward Japan in the postwar years. Of course no one wants to appear unpatriotic.
And I think that the recent surge in the sale of Toyotas and other Japanese brands supports my supposition.

Also adding credence to this view, is what Yang Jian of Automotive News China had to say recenlty:
".....Chinese consumers have a natural liking for the finely made interiors and graceful styling of Japanese cars. They also like Japanese cars for their fuel efficiency. But in the final analysis, what Chinese buyers like about Japanese brands is their quality......"

What do you all think?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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