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Chonche Auto Service Group Xi'an Lishan Automobile

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Chonche Auto Service Group Xi'an Lishan Automobile Factory is located in the city of Xi'an, a beautiful city famous for its long history and brilliant culture. Our factory was firstly established as private business in 1929 in the field of auto maintenance, engine and part production. Then we became a state-owned PLA Factory 3402 after liberation. Since 1979, our factory has been officially appointed as a major manufacturer of large buses and military vehicles, which makes the brand name "Lishan" famous and trustworthy.

There are about 1200 employees working in our factory, including 140 technical staff members, 25 of them have high degrees, 51 of them have semi-high degrees. We cover 230,000sqm, with total registered capital of RMB126,660,000.00.

Based on self-contained production lines, like stamping workshop, welding-installing workshop, painting workshop, assembly workshop, testing workshop and inner decoration workshop, our factory can make all kinds of public buses for city and long distance uses. Besides, we also turn out various military vehicles for special use. In 2002, our factory passed ISO9001:2000 quality certification and National Compelling "CCC" certification.

Lishan Brand bus series includes: LS6600 and LS6700 mini buses, LS6800 and LS6900 medium buses, LS6102 coaches, group-used coaches, LS6103 city buses and road buses, and other special vehicles. By high performance on road driving safety and after-sales service, we have won more and more users day by day!

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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