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Established in 1939, Chongqing Hengtong Bus Co., Ltd, or the original Chongqing Bus General Manufactory has always devoted itself to the research on the public transportation during the past 60-plus years. Thanks to its advanced technology in CNG buses, Hengtong grows to be the leading CNG bus company in China.  

As early as in 1940s, Hengtong produced its first gas (charcoal) bus, and in 1950s, it began to produce such gas buses in mass. Currently, the integral research and development system including the first class design center, CNG bus research center, CNG bus equipment center and bus testing center is established in Hengtong. Ever since 1960 when the first formal bus came into being, more than 30,000 CNG and LNG buses have been produced, which are used in over 100 bus companies all over China. Today, Hengtong is the CNG bus manufactory with the largest share in the market.   

Now, the company has staff of more than 1800 with 300-plus professional technicians. In the field of technology, the CATIA three-dimensional modeling design is promoted while in the areas like production, logistics, financing, sales and quality, the ERP system used. Hengtong is the earliest Chinese bus manufactory which gets ISO certificate and has been named as one of the top 50 industrial enterprises in Chongqing for 3 consecutive years. Moreover, all of its products have received 3C certification.   

Guided by customer-orientation, Hengtong always try its every effort to research on customer needs and develop buses which meet these needs. The company on the one hand researches and develops products on its own, and on the other hand establishes strategic cooperative relationship with several organizations such as China FAW Group Corporation, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, National Gas Automotive Engineering Technology Research Center, American Cummins-Westport Incorporation, Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd, Eastern Engine Plant, Dongfeng Engine Corporation in Nanchong division, Dinghui Automobile Gas System Co., Ltd, Yifeng Pressure Vessel Ltd., Liability Corporation, Santa Solid Low-Temperature Equipment Co., Ltd and Sichuan Air Separation Plant Co., Ltd. Besides, Hengtong tries vigorously to cooperate with many national automobile institutes and science research centers as well as famous coach and parts suppliers both at home and abroad.   

In 2008, along with the completion of the 260,000 sq. m modern factory in Konggang Industrial Park, north district Chongqing, Hengtong opens a new journey for its development. One highly merchandized stamping production line, two welding production lines, one painting production line, two assembly lines, one gas system assembly line and one bus testing line can be found in the new factory. Thanks to the factory, Hengtong has the annual output of 10,000 buses. The modernized production lines, humane facilities used in work and daily life together with humane management mode undoubtedly turn a new page for Hengtong’s development.




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