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Interesting, Martin and Alby13.

One website (two addresses:,, a lot of names and drawings.

To start with names: the company is founded in July 2009 and seems to be effectively producing trucks since August 2011. The company has the official name Chongqing Longjiang Light Auto Co. Ltd. and it translates Longjiang into Lokon. It uses the export name Vellome. It shows two different logos on the vehicles on the website.
The small truck in production is registered at the SRDC (State Development and Reform Commission) as Yuzhou YZ1040. The registering company is the Chongqing Jialing Chuanjiang Automobile Co. Ltd.
Besides of the YZ1040 truck a smaller type has been registered at the SRDC, the YZ1020. This mini pickup is not on the website. A minibus version is also registered.
Yuzhou trucks have a long history in Chonqing, they were made already in the 1980s by the Chongqing General Auto Repair Works, later named Chongqing Yuzhou Auto Works. The production-license seems from that origin.

At the photos only the small truck (YZ1040) can be seen on a factory line in production.

There are three different pickups.
One seems to be a prototype based on the old standard Chinese pickup, as we have seen those from Xinkai, Fudi, Jiangling etc. The second is a drawing of a different version (front end changed), based on the first pickup. The third is a drawing of a pickup of the new Chinese generation (I think it is the Great Wall Wingle).
There is one drawing of a mpv.
This is clearly a drawing of the Zhengzhou Nissan Succe (Shuaike).

Conclusion: a small company with a lot of plans. It is not certain if they really are going to produce these pickups and mpv´s. We have to wait.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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