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First China-made recreational vehicle shows at Asia Bus Show in Shanghai.

March 11, 2008 – The first Chinese-made recreational vehicle is displayed at the Asia Bus Show in Shanghai today.

The recreational bus, made by Bailujia Bus Co., a subsidiary of KAMA Co, ran off assembly line in Nanchang of Jiangxi province on March 8. A ceremony was held for the event.

At the launching ceremony the company also signed export contracts with Mohammad Vehicle Co of Jordan and Bus and Coach International from Australia respectively. Under the contracts, Bailujia Bus will delivery 200 luxury recreational vehicles and 500 complete knock down kits to the Jordan company and 300 units to the Australian company.

The recreational vehicle is built by Jiangxi Bailujia with its own intellectual property rights and is priced between $200,000 and $500,000. It is equipped with beds and other advanced equipments and features high fuel economy and safety.

KAMA is a machine-building corporation in China, mainly engaged in producing automobiles, auto parts, intermediate and small-sized multi-function diesel engines, and general-purpose machineries.

Headquartered in Shanghai, the company’s total assets reach RMB 2.384 billion Yuan in total; sales revenue hit more than RMB 2.66 billion yuan last year. The automaker currently employs 10,000 workers.

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Re: First China-made recreational vehicle made by Bailujia Bus

Looks decent, do you have any bigger pictures ?
Re: First China-made recreational vehicle made by Bailujia Bus

Cool. Coming to the US market?
Re: First China-made recreational vehicle made by Bailujia Bus

Its best for roadies!
Re: First China-made recreational vehicle made by Bailujia Bus

any more info about this bus ?

Jiangxi KAMA business bus Co.,Limited (BONLUCK BUS) is a long standing state-owned enterprise for manufacturing passenger vehicles with 37 years of history. Located in Changbei Economic Development Zone, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, the Company covers a total area of 150,000 sqm, with plant area of 30,000 sqm.

The Company's products include almost 100 varieties in 12 major series, covering all models of 8meter to 12.7meter high end passenger vehicle for tourism,urban passenger vehicle, road passenger vehicle, Motorhome and special vehicle. In the context of product R&D, it stresses the development of passenger vehicle products using new energy sources, in addition to compressed natural gas (CNG) luxury passenger vehicle and urban passenger vehicle. It has also developed JXK6112AGH hybrid power passenger vehicle and JXK6120AGX urban passenger vehicle using Zinc air fuel cell.

Meanwhile, experts in passenger vehicle industry from Australia, UK, and the U.S. are stationed at BONLUCK BUS to perform technical cooperation and support. The Company has been awarded ISO9001 Quality System Accreditation and State 3C Accreditation. It has also passed Australian ADR and U.S. DOT Accreditation.

"The strong pass of enemy likes a wall of iron, yet with firm strides we are conquering its summit." Amid the grand background of economic globalization, BONLUCK BUS will further integrate domestic and oversea resources, including state-of-the-art technology for manufacturing passenger vehicle, foreign party service network and deepen cooperation with client resources,in order to blaze a trail for developing internationalized passenger vehicles with self-owned intellectual property rights and national brand.From now on, BONLUCK BUS will "till deeply and cultivate intensively ,in order to become more competitive and stronger" on the vast red earth of Jiangxi, and fully demonstrate our strength to the world in the manner of "Phoenlx Nirvana,rebirth after being bathed in fire".





This bus is specially designed for exploiting the Australian market, and it was unveiled in the annual Melbourne bus show after passing the rollover test which was organized by ADR in Australia. With the creative design and perfect techniques, JXK6830 gained popularity among the visitor and soon became the new focus in Australian market. Optimized design was applied to the framework with the support of lightness and stability; also by adopting a panoramic glass double-layer plastic folder and the small orbicular lights separated front and rear, the maintenance cost can be greatly reduced. Straight beams greatly enhance the stability of the vehicle. The new interior decorations are concise and novel with the elegant outlook.
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JXK6120BCF hybrid bus:

BONLUCK JXK6120BCF hybrid bus adopts dual-motor configuration, together with ISG motor and high-powered motor-driven mutual, and match with EATON hybrid systems, which makes 0 ~ 50 km / h acceleration time less than 19 seconds. The management system monitoring protection is used for battery , with 50 km rely on pure electric capacity and greatly reduced exhaust the same time, 30% to 60% of fuel consumption could be reduced by different road conditions. Besides matching Cummins EURO Ⅲ emission engine, the bus has also adopted the German low-floor city bus axles to ensure high-quality performance. As the experts said, BONLUCK hybrid can greatly reduce operating costs in addition to low emissions, fuel-efficient aspects,which reduces not only brake wearing but also the frequency of spare parts for maintenance ,and the drive system could achieve optimal control strategy by constantly switching according to the traffic condition,which can greatly extend the life of the vehicle;


After exporting oil and electric hybrid bus successfully to Australia, BLK sooner made another new environment & energy conservation model—All electric city bus, which was a new innovation after motorhome, hybrid bus and commercial golf bus, and also a new break among the Chinese bus exporting industry.

This model was the second batch of bus exporting to Taiwan, the main difference from last batch is that environmental friendly all-electric system. The bus body was deprived from the Australian best-seller JXK6120, and the green metallic painting display both the topic of “Green Environment” and lasting vitality of the environmental friendly and energy saving. The main highlights was the core power system: there are 15 groups all together more than 500 polymer lithium-ion battery, which can ensure the bus drive 280 kilometers after charging 3-5 hours. Besides, this model also can generate electricity while breaking to replenish the electricity.

The reason why using the polymer lithium-ion was not only the lightness of the battery, but also the higher energy, longer life and the lower cost, but the most important was that such battery was not easy to light or explode while extrusion, prickling and short circuit, the safety performance was really very good.

With the aggravation of the global environmental pollution and the energy crisis, to research and develop a new kind of environmental friendly and energy saving bus is not just a huge business, but also the social responsibility. As one of the new bus manufacturer, BLK do their best all the time: from the U shaped lighter body frame to the environmental hybrid bus, and later the all-electric bus, every technical innovation is not only a test to a company’s capital ability, but also the witness of the top level’s courage and far-sight. “Energy saving and environmental protection” now plays a key role in the way of among the bus industry, each company that strive for it will have a bright future.

more at:


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BONLUCK buses have been exported to New Zealand, like almost every other bus company has. Something must be appealing for these companies to come here. BONLUCK buses have also been exported to Australia. They are set to export school buses here and to Australia.

BTW that's not me in the pic.
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